Dashboard issues

Issues Upcoming users are displayed on the dashboard. Depending on the user permissions, in this section he will see his own issues, those of a […]

Content of the offer

Content of the offer This part of the form contains the following information: product/service name – you can select an existing one or add a […]

Creating an offer

Creating an offer You can add a new offer by clicking the New offer button. The form consists of the following parts. Header You have […]

Offers list

List of offers Displayed options: creating a new offer using the New offer button, filters, documents list. By default, the offer list is sorted by […]

Adding products

Adding a product Adding a new item to the list is done by using the button called New product/service. The form consists of the following […]

Product list

List of products In this part, you can define your standard products or services which you usually sell or provide. Previously defined products or services […]

Clause modules

Clauses in the modules Adding a clause In the details of Contact/Candidate you have to choose an option Clauses and select New clause. In the […]

Clause template – configuration

Configuring a template You can configure a template by going to: configuration/preferences/clauses Step 1. Step 2. List of templates From the list of templates you […]

Sketch of the revenue

Sketch of the revenue You can save the revenue as a sketch. To do this, you have to choose the option called save the sketch […]


Dash view The following widgets are available from this place: to do, issues, my sribbles, favorite projects, favorite HR profiles, overdue payments – invoice, overdue […]


List of coworkers The following elements are available in the view: button activating the addition of a new coworker – New coworker filters, list of […]

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