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Plan projects ahead, manage them daily and track from start to finish

A project management system that lets you move your projects forward in a planned and organized way.

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Project Management szescian

Work on projects

Design the perfect workflow with custom project stages, task statuses and priorities.

Create projects for different purposes and give specific teams access to them. Use our project management system to keep crucial information centralized for everyone. With just one glance, get to know which tasks are on track and which ones are falling behind. Benefit from our powerful features:

  • adaptable kanban boards,
  • task assignments,
  • commenting.


Project Management szescian

Manage your team’s work

Always know who’s doing what.

Ensure a clear distribution of responsibilities by assigning specific users to tasks. Access a project’s kanban board to see the progress happen in real time. Send automated, repetitive questions to chosen team members, which will motivate them to share regular updates. Register your employee time logs, drive optimization conclusions, and issue invoices based on coworker’s timesheets.


Project Management szescian

Collaborate with each other

Let your team collaborate on any business issue.

Eliminate the need for constant e-mail chains. Spark team collaboration and make decisions which involve the whole team.

  • Tag users, share notes, comments, documents and feedback.
  • Keep a centralized, updated database of project and client details.
  • Create and share several team calendars and hit your deadlines without stress.
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Project Management szescian

Organize contacts

Share all business information at scale.

Store all your contractors, coworkers and project details in a centralized database. Use advanced filters to find the information you need in seconds. Also, gather and save new leads with our lead generation forms. Make everyone stay in the communication loop by sharing all information at scale.


Project Management szescian

Track project budget & issue invoices automatically

Capture finance information and make sure your projects are running profitably.

Benefit from our project budget management features:

  • Get on-demand project budget insights including: amount left, amount spent, revenues and associated expenses.
  • Automatically create expenses and issue invoices based on your team’s activities.
  • Track the status of your and your customers’ payments and receive reminders when due dates occur.
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For several industries

Thanks to its endless possibilities and customization options, Firmbee is a good fit for many types of businesses, including:

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