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Finance Management

Stay on top of your firm’s revenues and expenses, track budgets and make informed financial decisions based on real insights.

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decrease the time spent on invoicing by 73%.

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Features as sweet as honey

Finances Money Bag

Employee cost management

Track your staff costs, use custom employee rates, and generate expenses based on your team’s time logs.

Finances Full ViewWindow

Partial payments

Allow clients to pay over a series of payments and never lose track of what they still owe.

Finances Check

Advanced filters

Use extensive filters (fx. type of contract, skills, status) to find company contacts with a couple of clicks.

Finances Basket Quantity

Stock tracking

Gain control of your products and offers. Track stock levels and benefit from the inventory tracking option.

Finances Data Settings

Customized invoices

Use the Finance Management System to create all types of invoices with custom currencies and tax rates.

Finances Warning Window

Payment reminders

Set reminders for upcoming payments and with just one click, check the amount due and due dates.

For several industries

Thanks to its endless possibilities and customization options, Firmbee is a good fit for many types of businesses, including:

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