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To-do list

Create clear action plans and understand your workload with a glance by using a personal to-do list.

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Your productivity can be scaled up to 30% thanks to the usage
of online collaboration tools.

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Features as sweet as honey

To-do list Network Window

Kanban board

Gain a bird’s-eye view on projects by tracking the progress on your kanban board.

To-do list Over Time2

Time tracking

Register the time spent on certain tasks, drive optimization conclusions, and bill clients based on your timesheet.

To-do list Check

Task priorities and statuses

Stay on top of your most important issues and track project progress thanks to task priorities & statuses.

To-do list Calendar 4

Calendar & agenda

Use dedicated calendars for different purposes, filter issues by statuses and switch between different calendar views.

To-do list Calendar Clock


Never miss a deadline by setting reminders for upcoming events, tasks and meetings.

To-do list Notepad


Use our notes section to write down self-notes, even if you’re in the middle of doing something else.

For several industries

Thanks to its endless possibilities and customization options, Firmbee is a good fit for many types of businesses, including:

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