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Project Management Favorite Window

Favourite projects

Never lose sight of your most important projects by marking them as favorite.

Project Management Eye 2

Progress visualized

Track the progress of your projects or recruitments with color-coded tracking options, intuitive labels and visual reminders.

Project Management Money Bag

Employee cost management

Track your staff costs, use custom employee rates, and generate expenses based on your team’s time logs.

Project Management Pencil

Customize everything

Work the way you want by creating your own option names for certain fields like project stages, statuses, document types and more.

Project Management Open Book

Project history

Keep a history of your previous project details including project budgets, time logs, workforce and predict future needs based on information from the past.

Project Management Check

Personal to do lists

Create your own to-do lists with intuitive features and gain control over your everyday tasks.

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Thanks to its endless possibilities and customization options, Firmbee is a good fit for many types of businesses, including:

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