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Project management system for event planners

Create event action plans, organize work, and stay on top of your event budget.

Event Management header industries for event planners

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Handle every aspect of event planning

Event planning can be a big challenge. Manage it with our project management system for event planners. List down all tasks related to your event and distribute them between your event team. Create workflows with custom columns and statuses to keep everyone updated. Organize work for both event and office days.

  • kanban board
  • check-ins
  • custom columns
  • to-do lists
  • task statuses
  • task priorities
  • timetracking
  • activity history
  • guest links
  • reminders

A well organized contact base to run your business relationships smoothly

Build and manage a base of all your event participants: leaders, assistants, staff, clients, attendees & more. Keep the information about them organized and centralized for everyone. Easily check the statuses of your agreements, attach files, tasks and leave notes for your event team.

  • CRM tools
  • contact details
  • advanced filters
  • contact statuses
  • attachments
  • recruitments
  • lead generation forms

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Event management can be tough, so you’ve got to have a way to stay on top of it all. After discovering this project management system for event planners, we said goodbye to all our notepads, spreadsheets, communication channels. We keep everything in one place and feel more confident. We even made some time for being creative and having fun!

And there is more!

Event Management Money Bag

Manage finances & invoices

Store all payment details related to customers and entities in one place. Stick to your event budget by monitoring total revenues and expenses. Settle up with clients and teammates using information from the system. Gain easy access to project cost history and use it for updating clients and preparing future valuations. Keep your finance information centralized so that anyone can respond to potential risk. Issue invoices straight from the system based on the already existing data.

Event Management Calendar 3

Stay on top of your deadlines

Juggling an event team is full of challenges. With our calendar and agenda features, keeping up with your deadlines is no longer an issue. Create calendars for different purposes and share them across teams. Filter issues in your calendar, and switch between different views if needed. Check if your team is completing tasks on time. Never miss a deadline by setting and receiving reminders for upcoming tasks, meetings, or events.

Managing your projects has never been easier before.

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