Campaign module in Firmbee

1. List of campaigns

Information about forms created in the WordPress panel is displayed in the application in the Campaigns tab. The list shows the following information:

  • campaign name,
  • status:
    • created – if the form is an unpublished draft,
    • active – if it is active and the form code has been embedded on the page,
    • inactive – if the form is not a draft, but the name has not been filled in and the shortcode has not been generated.
  • campaign author,
  • creation date.
Campaign module 15

2. Campaign details

After clicking on the campaign name, a modal window with details is displayed. The information visible on the list below is available, but also:

  • a link to the published form,
  • Form template used,
  • related module in Firmbee,
  • Show leads button.
Campaign module 16

3. List of leads

Data from completed forms go into the appropriate campaign inside Firmbee. To check the list of the records generated from the form, select Show leads button from the list or campaign details.

Campaign module 17

The information available on the list:

  • name – is a link to the details of the lead,
  • status: new or imported,
  • contact details: e-mail address, phone number,
  • creation date (form data generation).
Campaign module 18

4. Filtering a list

Leads in the list can be filtered by:

  • first name and surname or name,
  • email address,
  • phone number,
  • status,
  • creation dates.
Campaign module 19

5. Importing and deleting leads

Leads can be imported and deleted in 3 ways:

  • by selecting the Delete/Import action for a record in the list of leads,Campaign module 20
  • by selecting the Delete/Import button in the details of the lead,Campaign module 21
  • collectively by checking boxes of selected rows in the list and selecting the action DCampaign module 22

6. Import blocking

If a record has already been imported then:

    • the import action in the list and in the details of the lead is blocked,
Campaign module 23
  • in case of bulk import of leads, already imported records will be skipped.

6. Permissions

For the Campaign module, the choice of permissions is limited to access (none, private or public) and read (at the organization, role or record owner level). In addition, you can set whether the role user should have access to:

  • import leads,
  • delete leads.

To do this, the relevant switch must be enabled. The options are available after expanding the additional settings for the campaign module.

The administrator and manager roles have organization-wide scanning enabled and permission to import and delete leads. The access of the default user is limited to the private level. The settings for the manager and default user can be changed.

The import of leads depends on the right to add contacts and candidates. This means that:

  • import records into the contacts tab if you have enabled the option to add to the contact module,
  • import records to the candidates tab, if you enabled the option to add to the candidates module,
  • you cannot import any records if you don’t have the access rights to the given tabs.