1. Integrating Firmbee with Slack

Slack is a tool that is used for remote communication within a team. Firmbee’s integration with Slack allows for sending notifications to Slack channels.

In Slack you can be notified about:

  • check-ins – automatically sent questions to the selected team members,
  • tasks for today.

2. Privileges

The integration is only available for admins, which means that only users with admin privileges are entitled to switch on, configure and switch off the integration. After switching on the integration on the Firmbee account, users can individually connect their Slack accounts with Firmbee.

3. Switching on the integration with Slack

Connecting Firmbee with Slack is possible through the Configuration module. In order to go to the Configuration module, click on the avatar in the upper right corner, and then choose either Personal settings or Organization configuration.

slack integration firmbee 1

If you have admin privileges, you will now see the Integrations tab in Other.

slack integration firmbee2

After going to the Integrations tab, boxes with available integrations will be displayed. In order to switch on the integration with Slack, you should click Connect in the box with Slack integration. You will then be taken to the Slack login form.


4. Setting up a Slack account

If you don’t have a Slack account yet, choose either Find your workspace or Create a new workspace, and then select one of the available login methods: through Google, Apple or email address.

Slack integration 4 11 Slack integration 5 11

The next step is to enter an access code sent to the previously indicated email address.

Slack integration 6 7

After logging into Slack, Firmbee will request permission to access the Slack workspace. At this stage, you should also choose a channel where notifications should be sent.

Slack integration 7 7

5. Sending notifications

Turning on task notifications

In order to switch on notifications about tasks for today, go to the Configuration module and then choose the Notifications tab in Preferences.

Slack integration 8 7

On the form that appears you can:

  • set time when notifications should be sent;
  • choose where notifications should be sent (Email and Slack / Only Slack / Only email);
  • choose a type of notification.

Click Save in order to save the introduced changes. An active consent to email notifications is required for task notifications.

Slack integration 9 6

Turning on check-ins notifications

In order to send check-ins to Slack, you should tick Send to slack on the check-ins form. Check-ins notifications are sent at the time specified in the given question details.

Slack integration 10 7

At any time, you can resend a question to Slack. In order to do this, click the Slack icon and choose Remind anyone who has not yet answered. After doing this action, a message informing that slack has been sent will be displayed.

Slack integration 11 7 Slack integration 12 5

Viewing slack notifications

Slack notifications will appear in the channel chosen during integration.

Slack integration 13 5 Slack integration 14 6

You can click on questions and task notifications. This action will take you to Firmbee’s login screen. After logging in, details of a given task or check-ins will be displayed.

In the task details you can:

  • change status,
  • change date,
  • add subtasks,
  • assign users,
  • add attachments and comments,
  • choose a project which a given task is assigned to,
  • define a milestone,
  • change repetition settings.

You can also share your tasks by clicking share.

Slack integration 15 4

In check-ins you can answer the question and view or comment on other users’ questions.

Slack integration 16 3

6. Slack username

If the account is integrated with Slack, then in user and coworker forms the Slack username field will appear. If it is filled in one place, its content will be copied to the other. Slack username activating the integration can be automatically downloaded from the connected account.

User form

In order to view the user form, you should go to the Configuration module, choose the Users tab, click on the ellipsis icon next to the selected user, and click Edit (2).

Slack integration 17 4

After you perform this action, the Edit User form will be displayed. You should now see the Slack username field there.

Slack integration 18 3

Coworker form

In order to view the coworker’s form, go to the Coworking (1) module and to the Coworkers tab. Then, you should choose the given coworker from the list by clicking on their name.

Slack integration 19 3

After you perform this action, a detailed view of the given coworker will be displayed. The Slack username field will appear on the form.

Slack integration 20 1

7. “I want to talk about it” feature

The members of the team can talk about any project task on the Slack channel. To initiate the conversation the user should hover over the Slack icon on the task tile in Kanban board.

Slack integration slack 1

The list of users assigned to the given task will appear on the screen. The notification about the conversation can be sent to some or all of the users on the list.

Slack integration slack2

Selected users will receive a message on their individual Slack channel. The content of the notification will include the following elements:

  • who wants to have a conversation about the project task
  • to which project the task belongs
  • linked task name
Slack integration slack3

8. Switching off the integration with Slack

In order to switch off slack notifications, you should go to the Configuration module again, choose the Integrations tab, and then click Disconnect in the Slack box.

Slack integration 21 1

You will now be asked to confirm this action in a separate window. After clicking Yes, delete, the integration will be switched off.

Slack integration 22 1