How to integrate IFIRMA with Firmbee?

IFIRMA is the application that allows independent accounting, and the integration allows you to import the issued invoices and the list of contractors to Firmbee.

How to integrate Firmbee with Ifirma?

IFIRMA is a simple bookkeeping app that helps businesses streamline all their accounting processes. With the integration, you can import issued invoices and the entire list of contractors from it to Firmbee.

Integrating Firmbee with Ifirma

If you want to integrate Firmbee with Ifirma, go to the Integrations tab in Configuration, and choose Connect in the Ifirma box.

IFIRMA integration unnamed

Complete the following information in the form that pops up:

  • User name
  • Key generated in iFirma for the identifier “invoice”
IFIRMA integration unnamed 1

To get an API key, sign in to and go to the API tab in Configuration. Then, choose +generate next to the identifier “invoice”

IFIRMA integration unnamed 2

In the Key column, you will see the API key that needs to be pasted into Firmbee. Then, choose Connect.

Import of invoices from the IFIRMA system

To import invoices from iFirma, go to the new Revenues tab, choose Import+, and then Download invoices from the last 3 months.

IFIRMA integration unnamed 3

Importing contractors from iFirma

To import contractors from iFirma, go to the new Contacts tab and choose Import contractors from

IFIRMA integration unnamed 4

Disconnecting the integration

To disconnect the integration from Firmbee, go to Integrations in Configuration and choose Disconnect and Confirm.