How to organize your firm’s offers with Firmbee?

Find the important steps below and watch our video to get exact information on how to perform these actions inside the system.

1. Add new offers by going into the finance module. Type in the name and description of your offer.

2. It’s possible to choose an existing contractor from the list or to submit a new one – by clicking the plus button.

3. Select the post and due date. Switch between languages and currencies.

4. You can also write down the content of the offer. Thanks to advanced formatting options and a built-in text editor, each offer can have its own individual aesthetics.

5. Add all needed items to the offer and specify the quantity, unit price net and tax details. It’s also possible to add descriptions, discounts and change tax values.

6. By going to the offer list you can filter the offers by customer, offer name or post date.

7. Done – now you can gain quick access to relevant deal data with Firmbee.