1. Adding a product

Adding a new item to the list is done by using the button called New product/service. The form consists of the following areas:
  • product/service name (mandatory),
  • description,
  • product code,
  • unit,
  • net price,
  • tax rate,
  • gross.

Step 1.

Add products 1 1 4

Step 2.

Add products 2 45

Additionally, you can find an inventory tracking option.

2. Stock availability

To enable stock tracking for a product, you must click on the Add stock tracking link. Areas to enter will be displayed below:

  • a button to deactivate the tracking: Remove stock tracking,
  • a button to add more new quantities of a product,
  • low stock availability.
Stock availability is tracked according to the sales invoices. Add products 3 46