Creating an expense

Creating an expense

The new expense form contains:


  • expense name,
  • expense category
  • New expense 800x552 - Creating an expense

    Vendor details

    A vendor selection field contains the list of companies saved in the user’s contacts with the possibility of adding a new contact.

    Vendor details 800x555 - Creating an expense

    From here, the user can also modifies the company’s details, without returning to the contact details. He has to just select the edit icon (next to the name of reseller).

    Edit company 2 800x546 - Creating an expense


    The user can fill in:

    • date of expense – by default, the field is completed with the current date,
    • due date.

    Due date 800x555 - Creating an expense


    The user can add attachment(s) to an expense. Attached files can be deleted.

    Sent clauses 1 800x437 - Creating an expense

    Expenses attachments 800x550 - Creating an expense

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