How to add an issue in Firmbee?

Find the important steps below and watch our video to get exact information on how to perform these actions inside the system.

1. You can do this action from your dash, kanban or agenda.

2. An issue can be defined as an event, meeting or task.

3. After choosing the proper one, select the status and start filling in the details.

4. You can also make them appear in your to-do-list – just turn on this option while creating a new issue.

5. For all three options you have an ability to add a description, place, assigned user, attachments and comments.

6. You can also link an issue with a contact and make it appear in the details of a given record.

7. Remember, that when creating a task you can also add subtasks.

8. It’s possible to choose into which project or calendar you want to attach the issue to.

9. Check if the chosen date defines your milestone, deadline, start or end date of the issue.

10. You can make a task, event or meeting repeatable.

11. It’s good to know that when a deadline is coming up, your issues become visible on the main dashboard.