How to set up the system?

Find the important steps below and watch our video to get exact information on how to approach personal and organization settings

1. Go to Settings by clicking your avatar in the upper right corner. Select the Organization Configuration.

2. The first tab called Settings lets you complete all the information related to your profile and your company’s profile. Be precise, because data entered in this tab now will be used to autofill and create official documents in the future. Below, in the Regional settings you are able to determine the language of the system, default currency, time formats, date formats and more.

3. In the users tab you’ll find a list of all users. When you’re ready to invite your coworkers, just click the “New user” button in the user tab and fill in the details including: their name, position, hourly rate, role, e-mail and language. The person will receive a link to log in via e-mail.

4. What’s important is that here you can configure the authorizations for different roles.

5. The Preferences tab lets you set new names and statuses for projects, recruitment, payments and so on. As Firmbee is a very customizable system which adapts to your needs, here you have a possibility to set your preferred naming for different fields of the system. In the Preferences tab you can also add and store E-mail templates, set To-do’s for upcoming payments, edit your Dash, and manage Notifications.

6. In the GDPR tab, you can create and store GDPR templates and download important data.

7. Go to the Others tab to check payment plans, integrations and activity history.