List of candidates

The following elements are available in the view:

  • button activating the addition of a new candidate New candidate,
  • filters,
  • a list of added candidates.

The list consists of the following elements.

  • candidate ID number – automatically assigned by the system,
  • avatar, name and current position of the candidate,
  • rating (average score),
  • main skills,
  • assigned to,
  • contact details: phone number and email address,
  • status.

Candidates list 800x230 - Candidates

Adding a candidate

To add a new candidate, select the New candidate button.

New candidate button 800x119 - Candidates

It will be displayed a form where you can fill in:

  • first name and lastname – mandatory fields
  • upload an avatar
  • the default one consists of the initials of the record,

  • rating.

New candidate details 800x89 - Candidates

Basic data:

  • status,
  • source,
  • position(s),
  • job description,
  • current company,
  • experience,
  • financial expectations,
  • assignment to user/s.

Candidate basic data 800x349 - Candidates


  • main skills (max 3),
  • skills,
  • localizations,
  • foreign languages,
  • type of contract,
  • special requirements.

Candidate tags 800x231 - Candidates

Contact details:

  • email addresses,
  • phone numbers,
  • links to social media.

Rating of the candidate

The candidate can be rated in terms of general, soft and technical skills. Types of rating can be configured in the “dictionary” configuration. In the candidate list, the average rate is displayed
of marks.

Example 1.

Candidates marks 800x121 - Candidates

Example 2.

Candidate rating stars 800x134 - Candidates

Candidates portfolio

In the candidate’s details, the user can add the candidate’s portfolio (links to GitHub, Dribble, etc.)

Adding a link to portfolio

To add a link, click the plus icon in the header of the portfolio box. In the window with the form you should fill in the name and url. Clicking again on the plus icon displays subsequent lines for the next link and its name.

Step 1.

Portfolio adding 800x430 - Candidates

Step 2.

Portfolio details 800x386 - Candidates

Portfolio list

The linked portfolio names are displayed in the list. Added links can be edited or deleted.

List of portfolio 800x479 - Candidates

Linking to a recruitment

The candidates can be linked to a specific recruitment list from the level of:

  • their details, in the recruitment list tab,
  • or HR profile details under the candidates tab.

To create the link from the candidate’s details, use the Assign to HR profile button. Select the name of the selected profile from the list and confirm the selection.

Assign to HR profile 800x436 - Candidates

The list of related recruitments will display the following information:

  • HR profile name,
    • ID number,
    • position,
    • client,
    • date of application – by default, the field is completed with the date on which the candidate with the profile took place. This can be changed by clicking on the edit icon next to the field,
    • recruitment stage – here you can define candidate’s status in specific recruitment,
    • delete button.

    Assigned HR user 800x376 - Candidates

    Similarly, you can assign a candidate to a recruitment in the HR profile details, in the tab
    candidates – select the action, assign a candidate and choose a given record from the list. You can add several candidates at the same time. The table displays:

    • candidate name,
    • source,
    • date of application,
    • status,
    • recruitment stage – here you can specify the status of the candidate in a particular recruitment,
    • contact details: e-mail address and telephone number,
    • assessment,
    • unassign button.

    HR profile assignation 800x434 - Candidates

    Uploading of CV/portfolio

    You can attach your CV and/or portfolio to your candidate profile as attachments. All you need to do is under the CV/portfolio tab, select the Add file action and upload the desired attachment(s).

    Attachements adding 800x436 - Candidates

    Management of clauses

    Read more in caluses.pdf

    Blocking of a candidate by the user

    The user can block a given candidate for himself. For this purpose in the edition field he should activate the checkbox Block candidate.
    Block candidate 800x431 - Candidates

    As a result, no further user can be assigned to the candidate. The option will be available only after the blocking has been undone (click on the checkbox). In the candidate’s details user will see the message: Candidate is blocked by {username who used the blocking} will appear in the candidate details.

    Adding as a coworker

    A candidate can be converted into a coworker. To do this, select the Add as a coworker button from the list of candidates.

    Example 1.

    Add as coworker 800x436 - Candidates

    Example 2.

    Add as coworker 2 800x436 - Candidates

    A new coworker’s form will be displayed with the following fields:

    • Avatar,
    • First name and lastname,
    • Basic details:
      • status,
      • salary,
      • position,
      • position description,
      • hourly rate (in account’s primary currency) – only administrator and users with
        enabled to manage rates will see this field.
    • Tags:
      • main skills,
      • skills,
      • type of contract.
    • Contact details:
      • email addresses and phone numbers,
      • links to social media profiles
    • Attachments.

    Details already completed at the candidate level will be copied. A new coworker can be added as an application user. To do this, check the checkbox save and add as user and select the user’s role. The setting is available only for users with user management rights.

    Save and add as user 800x239 - Candidates

    After creating a coworker’s profile, an invitation to the system will be sent to the email address provided in the form.

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