Items of expenses


  • amount of expenditure
  • description (this field is hidden by default. To uncover it – the user has to click on the show description button).
  • Expenses items 800x486 - Items of expenses

  • button revealing the possibility of selecting taxes for the entered amount:
    • the possibility to select one tax or one group of taxes from a list (defined by the user in the account configuration) to one amount,
    • possibility to determine whether the entered amount already includes tax (determination whether the entered amount is gross or net),
    • gross amount, after calculation (only for the option with tax, net used).

    Expenses taxes 800x548 - Items of expenses


    • gross amount,
    • total paid,
    • left.
    • Expenses amount 800x556 - Items of expenses


      The created expense can be linked to projects and its percentage and amount can be specified.

      Expenses projects 800x551 - Items of expenses

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