Check the possibilities of Firmbee’s finance module

Find the important steps below and watch our video to get exact information on how to perform these actions inside the system.

1.In the revenues section, you can track your revenues along with the associated details like due dates or statuses of client payments. You can also create and send bills or invoices. Automatically upload your contractor’s data from the system, or fill in the details for a company that’s out of your database. You can switch between different currencies. Above the revenue list you also have a summary of your revenue totals, payment totals and outstanding amount.

2. The offer module holds a list of all your offers along with their description, customer name, post date and the total value. Click the new offer button to create a new offer. When creating an offer you can add items (products/services) straight from the system.

3. Below in the expense module you can find all your expenses summarized. Here you can create a new expense, check the vendor’s data, the expenses status, due date and total amount.

4. The product’s section is a place where you can keep the information about all the products or services which you usually sell or provide. They appear as a list with the product name, code, stock, unit, tax, price and gross.