Welcome to Firmbee

Find the important steps below and watch our video to get exact information on how to use our system.

1. Here is your dash which is fully customizable. It’s up to you which features appear on your main view. You can choose between a list of your upcoming issues, to-do list, scribbles, favorite projects, upcoming payments and more. If you want to customize it use the gear button in the upper right corner. You can also do it by going to the Preferences tab in Personal Settings.

2. When it comes to the rest of the modules at the top you can find your Agenda. Here you can add all your issues, events, and meetings. You can set deadlines and decide if you want certain issues to appear in your to do list. Remember, you can have multiple calendars for different purposes.

3. Create your own, simple to-do lists in the To do list module.

4. Here are your Contacts divided into Contact People and Companies. This is a place where you can add all details related to your coworkers and clients.

5. Campaigns help you manage the leads generated on your website. With our plugin, you can conveniently integrate your website with Firmbee and automate your customer acquisition and recruitment process. And all this without any programming.

6. The possibilities of the Project module are endless. Add projects, and break them down into tasks. Use the kanban board or list view to track the progress and discover who’s doing what. Click on the tabs above to gain fast access to project budget information, timesheet, files, the latest check-ins and activities.

7. The Documents tab lets create and store documents.

8. In the Coworking module you can find information about your job candidates, coworkers. Here you can also create HR profiles, manage job ads and collaborate with your hiring team.

9. Thanks to Firmbees Finance section you can track all your revenues and expenses, manage your offers and products, set your project budget, issue invoices, check what you owe and always stay financially on track.