List of offers

Displayed options:

  • creating a new offer using the New offer button,
  • filters,
  • documents list.

By default, the offer list is sorted by the creation date. The list contains the following information about the offers:

  • offer number,
  • offer name,
  • offer description,
  • customer – it is linked to more details,
  • post date,
  • total amount.

Creating an offer

You can add a new offer by clicking the New offer button. The form consists of the following parts.


You have to choose

  • offer name- default name is called The offer,
  • offer description,
  • series of numeration – selecting this is mandatory (read more in the section dedicated to configuration in the configuration.pdf).

Customer details

It is possible to select a contractor from the list or to add a new one. In this section, there is a customer selection area and a button to add a new contractor. After selecting it, the following data is displayed:

  • contractor’s name,
  • billing address,
  • Tax Identification Number and Company Identification Number.

You can complete the missing details by clicking the “edit” button. A window will be displayed with a form to complete the missing information.


  • post date- the current date is selected by default. You can change it.
  • due date – by default, the field is completed with default payment due date saved in account settings (if none, then date of issue + 2 weeks); it is possible to choose one of the defined payment due dates by choosing them from the list.
  • Settings

    • language
    • currency

    Both values are set by default according to the previous offer or a country.

    Currency conversion

    Items can be converted to a currency other than the bank account’s main currency. To do this, select the currency to do this, in the currency selection field select the currency you want the value to be converted into You can either use the automatic currency conversion (the rate according to the European Central Bank) or enter it by yourself. If the system cannot download the exchange rate automatically, the download button is not displayed.

    You can see that the currency for individual items doesn’t change. The values for the main currency and for the converted currency are available in the item’s summary.

    Content of the offer

    This part of the form contains the following information:

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