Do you work from different places, yet still want to have control over your teams’ projects? Is your day filled with carrying out many tasks – often away from your computer? Firmbees check-ins will help. What are they? They’re brief, but regular employees reports which help track and maintain your teams goals.

Set automatic and repetitive check-ins that will motivate your team to share regular updates. They will help you stay connected to your team wherever you are.
Questions can be sent to the employee’s e-mail address on a daily, weekly, monthly or any other specified frequency.
Just choose the right question and decide to whom, when, and at what time you want to address it.
The user will receive an e-mail with information about the pending request at the indicated time and day. The link in the e-mail will redirect him straight to the specific project in the application.
Leave notes and inquiries on every stage of the project. If you’re not at the front of your laptop – check notifications and respond to your coworkers questions using your mobile phone.
Remember, any team member with the proper access can see answers to questions, comment and react to someone else’s reply.
Gain insights into your projects wherever you are and make sure your team is working efficiently. With Firmbees check-ins it’s possible.