How the Kanban board works

How often do you have a problem with organizing all your tasks and making the workflow as transparent as possible?

Firmbees Kanban board will provide you with insight into the current work status
and facilitate team collaboration.
Here, all issues associated with a project are visible.

Break your projects into tasks and assign them to team members. Check which tasks are on track, which ones are falling behind and what each team member is doing. Ensure a clear distribution of responsibilities.

The best part is that your Kanban is fully customizable. A user can configure it according to his preferences by adding new columns, naming them, dragging and dropping items. Of course, there’s also a default option.

Manage all your projects using one system. Empower your coworkers to self-organize with our Kanban board.

Available for your Smartphones

Manage projects & make sure your team is working efficiently. Firmbee mobile app will help you organize and accelerate remote work.