Dash view

The following widgets are available from this place:

  • to do,
  • issues,
  • my sribbles,
  • favorite projects,
  • favorite HR profiles,
  • overdue payments – invoice,
  • overdue payments – expense.

It is up to user to decide which widgets he wants to have on his Dash. All widgets are enabled by default. This can be changed in the configuration under preferences/desktop in the Desktop widgets section. Just switch between active and inactive modes.

Step 1.

Dash preferences 800x483 - Dash

Step 2.

Dash preferences 800x483 - Dash

Available buttons

Dash widgets 800x438 - Dash

The user can decide which actions he wants to display in the foreground and which he wants to hide under the other buttons. In the Dashboard configuration in the Dashboard buttons section click (enable) or unclick (disable) the name of the button. The user can also change the order by using the drag&drop mechanism.

Step 1.

Dash buttons 800x433 - Dash

Step 2.

Dash drag and drop 800x363 - Dash


Upcoming users are displayed on the dashboard. Depending on the user permissions, in this section he will see his own issues, those of a group of users or those of your organisation.

Dash issues 800x436 - Dash

To do

From here, the user can find a To do list for the logged in users. He can add his own items in the To do list or generate them from the existing issues. Items on the list can be moved by using drag&drop. The list displays the following items:

  • a checkbox which allows to mark something as done,
  • the content of the task,
  • deadline/button enabling to set a deadline,
  • priority/button enabling to indicatate the priority,
  • button to delete the task.

To do list 1 800x441 - Dash

Adding and editing a task

To add an item, you have to click the Plus button in the box header. In the first place of the list a text field will be displayed, where you can fill in the content of the task.

Plus button 800x439 - Dash

At this point, the user can also set a deadline nad priority – he just has to click on the Calendar and “exclamation” mark icons. Saving the task must be confirmed with the Save button.

In order to edit an element of the task, just click on the appropriate element – the content/deadline/exclamation mark icon.

To do list preferences 800x436 - Dash

Marking an issue as done and reopening it

Clicking on the checkbox next to an item, generates a Mark as executed. After that, an item disappears from the list.

Mark as executed 800x435 - Dash

To display the completed tasks, you have to activate th show finished switch. When you change the status of the switch, previously completed items will be displayed in the checkbox with checked and crossed out content. The user can reopen the task by clicking on the checkbox.

issue to an item to do

You can make an issue appear in the To do list from different places of the system. When creating an issue, the option Generate to do is available.

Example 1.

Dash to do 800x437 - Dash

Example 2.

Generate to do 800x438 - Dash

The issue subject and date, if it’s completed, are copied into the item. The content of the item in the to do contains a link to the full submission – clicking on the link, displays a task panel. Updating the date of a to do can only be done from within the details of this submission.

Example 1.

To do details 800x439 - Dash

Example 2.

To do tasks 800x436 - Dash

To do with the payment reminders

In the to do configuration (configuration/preferences/to do) you can enable automatic reminders about payment deadlines. To enable the function, turn on the switch to do with a reminder about an upcoming payment deadline for revenue and define when reminders should appear on your desktop.

Step 1.

Personal settings to do 800x367 - Dash

Step 2.

Personal to do 800x440 - Dash

When this setting is enabled, a reminder task about the invoice payment will be displayed.

The payment reminder is integrated with the revenue status. Submitting the payment for the invoice marks the task as completed.

My scribbles

In the next section, you will find a text editor for a personal scribbles. The content in the editor is automatically saved and remains in the editor until it is deleted by the user (by deleting the entered text an/or overwriting it with new content).

My scribbles 800x439 - Dash

Favorite projects/Favorite HR profiles

Here you can see a list of projects and HR profiles marked with an asterisk as favorites


Favorite projects 800x436 - Dash


Favorite HR profiles 800x437 - Dash

Overdue payments

This section displays a list of upcoming and overdue payments for expenses and revenues.

Overdue payments 800x437 - Dash

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