This time it won’t be about ChatGTP. Wondering why? Well, it’s pretty much where everyone starts their journey with generative AI. ChatGTP is super versatile – you can ask it to play almost any role, and that’s a big plus. However, if you need a more specialized AI tool that will help you track customer opinions, create corporate videos, or upscale images to a specific format – keep on reading. Let’s explore the hottest AI tools for business that stole the spotlight in 2023.

Which AI tools for business should you check out first?

So, where do you start with all these AI tools for business? It’s not an easy decision. The latest AI tools for businesses can analyze customer data or whip up some seriously engaging content. According to There’s an AI for that website (, the go-to search engine for AI tools for business, we’re talking about a whopping 11 thousand tools soon. Given that the AI craze kicked off just a year ago, that’s really impressive. To make a smart choice that caters to your most urgent needs, begin by figuring out which aspect of your business would benefit the most from embracing AI tools for business.

Synthesia – revolutionary videos with AI avatars

Your company’s most pressing need is to create engaging video content for various purposes:

  1. Marketing – for social media or advertising,
  2. Training – onboarding new employees or replacing the need for in-person presentations for various groups,
  3. Customer support – responding to frequently asked questions or guiding customers through the use of your software, explaining each step of the user’s journey,
  4. International expansion – publishing video materials in multiple languages.

In that case, your first choice should be Synthesia. It’s a nifty platform that lets you create videos using AI-controlled avatars. You type in your text in one of 120 languages, pick an avatar and accent, and Synthesia generates professional, ready-to-roll videos. You don’t even have to write a script – if you want, you can use a generator, which will whip up text based on your topic and notes.

ai tools for business

Source: Synthesia (

Synthesia offers over 150 diverse avatars, allowing you to choose a character that best fits your brand and audience. You can even create an avatar based on your own face and voice. Translating content and recording videos in foreign languages has never been easier. To explore Synthesia’s capabilities firsthand, it’s worth trying out the demo version (

The complete version of this business AI tool is $22 a month, which is pretty reasonable compared to making one professional video with actors. You get 10 minutes of video content for that price. Also, once you create something, you can use it multiple times, just swapping out a short part. This is handy, especially when customizing offers for different clients. And yeah, you’re only charged for the time you edit. Cool, right?

But does using AI tools for business like this actually pay off? Synthesia is successfully used at BSH for employee training. They saw a 30% boost in engagement compared to old-school training materials. Teleperformance saved $5000 on making training videos, and Zoom’s team cut down video production time by a whopping 90%.

Salesforce Einstein – AI-supported customer contact personalization

Want to boost your customer service with AI? Give Salesforce Einstein a shot. It’s an AI package that works seamlessly with the popular CRM system. It can predict customer behaviors, personalize content, and automate repetitive tasks.

The most interesting feature of this AI tool for business is Einstein bot – a virtual assistant that independently handles customer queries and performs simple administrative tasks like updating records.

Einstein Assistant works 24/7, enhancing the efficiency of customer support teams. Big players like Gucci and Uber Eats are already tapping into its benefits. However, many companies still have reservations about using AI tools for business for direct customer interaction, partly because of the internet memes where users turn chatbots into coding and translation wizards.That’s why having robust security measures is crucial.

ai tools for business

Source: Salesforce (

However, Salesforce has taken care of content security and conversation confidentiality. The artificial intelligence algorithms operate solely on data stored on the company’s servers, without any additional transfer. Therefore, businesses can enjoy the benefits of AI without worrying about the leakage of sensitive information or misuse.

In today’s world, treating customers individually is not just a whim but a necessity. Thanks to Einstein, every user receives support tailored to their needs, tastes, and expectations. It’s a bit like an exclusive boutique experience, but on the scale of tens of thousands of conversations every day.

Lately AI – social media on autopilot

Running out of time and resources to manage your company’s social media profiles? Lately is a platform that uses machine learning to handle business accounts on social media. The goal of this AI tools for business is to learn a brand’s communication style and autonomously generate posts tailored to its “tone of voice” and target audience.

Importantly, Lately doesn’t rely on ready-made templates or rules. Each company gets a unique social media strategy created from scratch by AI algorithms. What’s more, Lately says it’s the only tool based on generative AI that uses a learning loop, so subsequent posts are crafted by how previous ones performed. Content is regularly updated based on user responses to maximize engagement.

Lately’s innovative approach is already yielding impressive results. Platform users experience an average reach growth of 1000% (!) and attract 2-3 times more potential customers. It’s no wonder the tool is generating such interest. The cost of managing four social media channels for a small business starts at $49 per month and includes:

  • converting existing texts, audio, and video recordings into social media posts,
  • adding recommended hashtags, and
  • scheduling posts for publication.

All of the advanced features of this AI tools for business are available only in the Enterprise plan, the price of which is not publicly available.

ai tools for business

Source: Lately (

Mention — brand image monitoring using AI

Mention are great AI tools for business if you want to stay updated on what customers are saying about your brand and products online. It’s an advanced platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to monitor online mentions related to specified brands or phrases. The software scans through media, blogs, social platforms, and websites to find discussions and opinions about your company. It then organizes the incoming information and presents it in an easy-to-review format.

Thanks to Mention, companies can quickly find out what customers think about their brand or products. This helps in responding to emerging negative opinions before they “spread out” on social media. The platform also warns about online reputation crises before they begin to escalate. Microsoft, Benq, and Deliveroo are among the companies that use this AI tools for business.

ai tools for business

Source: Mention (

The built-in geolocation feature in Mention helps precisely identify where online mentions about the brand are coming from. It allows you to assess the sentiment in different regions, cities, and even monitor specific neighborhoods or streets.

Smart content analysis makes it much easier to know what customers think about us. This valuable insight helps in creating a positive image and gaining a competitive edge online.

Pika – crafting creative videos

Are you looking for a solution to quickly create short, eye-catching videos for your company’s social media? Pika gained half a million users in just six months, generating millions of videos weekly. While it’s not yet a tool for creating content of top-notch quality, the results shared by users are truly impressive. It’s worth keeping an eye on the development of this AI tools for video creation in 2024.

ai tools for business

Source: Pika (

Pika is an application that uses artificial intelligence to create and edit short films. Just type in text, choose photos or video clips, and the software will assemble them into a cohesive piece matched to the selected style and music. Pika gives a whole new dimension to AI-generated videos, allowing for:

  • choosing screen ratios and orientations,
  • camera movements,
  • frames per second, and
  • intensity of motion.

Now, AI algorithms can mimic specific film styles, even capturing the facial expressions and gestures from the input video. This way, everyone can feel like a pro director crafting their own stories.

Topaz Gigapixel AI – upscaling photos with artificial intelligence

Your company materials were created in insufficient resolution, and you need to print them on packaging or posters? Another intriguing AI tools for business that utilizes machine learning is Topaz Gigapixel AI. It’s used for upscaling image resolution. The program employs artificial intelligence to reconstruct missing pixels and enhance the sharpness of images.

Being trained on millions of photos, Gigapixel AI algorithms can realistically recreate details and textures. Industry reports mention that hundreds of thousands of professional photographers and graphic designers use this tool, appreciating its effectiveness.

The ability to increase the size of photos without sacrificing quality is a huge advantage, especially when printing in large formats. Gigapixel AI can even take highly pixelated photos and create sharp and detailed graphics. This is definitely one of the most exciting applications of AI in the photo industry.

ai tools for business

Source: Topaz Gigapixel AI (

Brand24 – AI tools for business Internet monitoring

Are good customer reviews at the top of your company’s to-do list? Brand24 is a tool designed for internet monitoring, focusing on mentions of selected keywords, brands, or individuals. The platform autonomously searches the web’s resources and then organizes and analyzes the gathered information.

A significant advantage of Brand24 is its built-in analytical module, which automatically assesses the emotions conveyed in online mentions. In other words, it determines whether a particular comment has a positive, neutral, or negative sentiment.

This data is extremely valuable for monitoring a company’s online reputation and responding to image crises. With Brand24 alerts, you can immediately identify growing problems before they get out of hand. You can also create reports to export the data for use in other analysis tools.

ai tools for business

Source: Brand24 (

Jasper AI – artificial intelligence writing texts

Looking for quick and budget-friendly business texts? Check out Jasper! It’s a platform that uses AI to create content for ads, SEO, or social media. Just specify the topic and a few keywords, and the algorithm will craft a coherent, accurate piece ready for publication.

With its built-in templates, Jasper excels in mass production of:

  • product descriptions,
  • email content,
  • social media posts.

Jasper saves time and money while maintaining reasonably good content quality and SEO compliance. Unfortunately, most advanced features are available only in the Pro plan, but you can give it a spin for free with a 7-day trial at the start of your subscription.

ai tools for business

Source: Jasper (

AI tools for business – summary

The examples above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the use of artificial intelligence in business. There are so many innovative solutions being developed to improve business operations through AI that it would take a book to cover them all.

Key application areas include:

  • Customer service automation,
  • Business and marketing analytics,
  • Decision support,
  • Marketing, and educational content creation.

Implementing these technologies is a must today if companies want to remain competitive. Synthesia, Salesforce Einstein, Brand24 or Lately are just a few examples of tools already being used successfully by leading brands. Artificial intelligence is changing the rules of the game and opening up unprecedented opportunities. By harnessing its potential, you can achieve your business goals faster and more efficiently than ever before. The future is here, and it’s worth preparing for.

AI tools for business

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