Managing a team can get complicated, but what if we could delegate some of those responsibilities to intelligent assistants? From scheduling tasks to optimizing communications, artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining recognition in the business world. For years, the technology hadn’t gained the reputation of a safe and popular application, but today more and more managers appreciate its potential. AI for managers is not just a tool, it becomes an indispensable assistant that allows you to focus on important aspects of management.


Artificial intelligence, or AI, is no longer just science fiction. Today, AI for managers are becoming an everyday occurrence, bringing tangible benefits in managing the team and improving work efficiency.

In the era of digitization of business, the use of AI tools is critical to maintaining competitiveness and advantage in the market. AI for managers can optimize processes, and increase productivity and efficiency of operations.

How are AI tools being used in management?

AI facilitates the daily work of managers in many ways. We can distinguish three main areas where AI brings the greatest benefits:

  • Task automation – AI can automatically generate tasks, helping managers better manage time and resources. For example, AI can remind you of an upcoming task deadline or suggest the next steps in a project.
  • Optimizing communication – AI can help create and edit emails, making it easier to communicate effectively within a team. Artificial intelligence can, for example, analyze the tone and style of messages to make them more understandable and professional.
  • Project management – AI can suggest improvements to workflows, which contributes to greater efficiency. For example, it can collect and analyze data from previous projects to suggest an optimal plan of action.

AI tools, such as, GrammarlyGo and Zoom IQ make it possible to extend the performance of the programs with which they are integrated and leverage the capabilities of artificial intelligence in a manager’s work.

Tome. app

Tome. app is an innovative way to quickly create presentations for a team or investor. It allows you to:

  • automatic generation of presentation plan and slides with images based on the given topic generating a presentation based on a document
  • Use of ready-made presentation templates, for example, created for a team meeting (Team Standup template) or an entire company (Company All Hands template); and
  • Export the created presentation to pdf format.
ai tools


For example, if a manager wants to quickly prepare a visually appealing presentation, all he has to do is enter a description of the topic he wants to discuss. He will also suggest suitable images in the style of his choice, for example:

  • cyberpunk
  • neo-impressionist, and even
  • watercolor.

Tome. app will automatically create a framework plan for the presentation, divide it into slides, and generate visuals that match the content. Artificial intelligence will thus do the tedious work for the manager, which is necessary before almost every major meeting.

GrammarlyGO from Grammarly

GrammarlyGo is an AI tool from Grammarly that facilitates effective communication. Thanks to AI technology, GrammarlyGo can suggest grammar, and spelling corrections.

ai tools


For example, you’ll find it practical when you have to draft an important e-mail to project stakeholders. All you do is enter the content of the message, and the assistant will suggest corrections to make the message clearer and more professional. The artificial intelligence will do the text analysis and correction for you as well as provide suggestions concerning, for example, changing the words to simpler ones or advising how to change the tone of the message to make it more official, or less.

Zoom IQ from Zoom

Zoom IQ is an intelligent assistant from Zoom for project management. Thanks to AI, Zoom IQ will recommend workflow improvements and analyze data from previous meetings. For example, if the team efficiency needs improving, with Zoom IQ the manager can run an analysis of previous meetings, where artificial intelligence will do the content analysis of the conversations for him and generate recommendations.

ai tools


The intelligent AI assistant for the manager can also create summaries, generate tables based on texts, and offer prompts for daily tasks, such as writing emails to the team. Zoom IQ is available to select customers by invitation starting in April 2023.

AI tools for managers – summary

AI for managers is an extremely useful set of tools. Making everyday work smoother helps managers to focus on strategic decisions rather than routine tasks. Exploiting tools such as, GrammarlyGo and Zoom IQ, managers can improve their efficiency as well as help develop their team to the full potential of their teams. Are you ready to provide your team with these benefits by introducing AI into your management practice?

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Author: Robert Whitney

JavaScript expert and instructor who coaches IT departments. His main goal is to up-level team productivity by teaching others how to effectively cooperate while coding.

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