The use of ChatGPT in HR and recruitment can dramatically change the work of HR professionals. What are the specific benefits of using ChatGPT in these areas? And what ChatGPT prompts will work best for recruiting and day-to-day work with teams?

ChatGPT Prompts in recruitment

ChatGPT works great for many aspects of the recruitment process. It can automate repetitive tasks that occur during the search, evaluation and hiring of new employees, such as:

  • Generating job ads – the chatbot can create accurate and comprehensive descriptions of desired candidates and interesting recruitment ads in seconds. All you need to do is provide it with the most important information about the employer’s expectations, and the rest will already be taken care of by the artificial intelligence.
  • Preparation of recruitment questions – ChatGPT is perfect for preparing a set of interview questions. Questions can be tailored to a specific position, allowing you to effectively verify a candidate’s competence and experience.
  • Pre-selection of candidates – after defining specific requirements for the team member you are looking for, ChatGPT can summarize submitted resumes or cover letters. But beware – when using experimental AI tools, it is essential to remove candidates’ personal information from the materials.
  • Personalized communication with candidates – with ChatGPT’s uncomplicated prompt, you can efficiently generate emails and messages to job applicants. The content is personalized and tailored to the stage of recruitment.
  • Supporting onboarding of new employees – ChatGPT prompts can help you prepare interesting welcome packs with handy information and tips for newcomers to the company.

ChatGPT Prompts for HR

ChatGPT’s capabilities in HR are not limited to recruitment. Here are some additional examples of applications in the field of human resource management:

  • Training design – ChatGPT can offer exciting training and development programs tailored to the needs of specific groups of employees, just define the goals and expectations in the ChatGPT Prompt.
  • Generate ideas for employer branding activities – the chatbot will help create appealing content to promote the company as an attractive employer, such as posts for social media.
  • Prepare guides and instructions for employees – with a few simple commands, ChatGPT will generate, for example, a team contract or job instructions.
  • Supporting employee development – preparing the right set of ChatGPT prompts can turn a chatbot into a coach or mentor, allowing the employee to improve his or her competence by having conversations with the chatbot and solving problems with its help.
ChatGPT Prompts

Source: DALL-E 3, prompt: Marta M. Kania>

Top 10 ChatGPT prompts for HR and recruitment

The best ChatGPT prompts for HR and recruiting are templates, so it’s worth supplementing them with:

  • information about the company – for example, taken from the website, as well as
  • examples of previously created documents – whether they be job advertisements or our notes with interview questions.

This way ChatGPT will immediately know what we expect from it and what company it “works” for. Each prompt is worth proceeding with such an introduction:

“ROLE: You are an experienced HR professional with 10 years of experience.”

In this way, we will improve the quality of the results. Here are examples of 10 practical and effective ChatGPT prompts to use in the context of HR and recruitment:

  1. Generate job description – after providing the job name, main tasks and characteristics of the ideal candidate, the chatbot will create a detailed job description. The GPT prompt can be worded like this, for example:
  2. “Write a job advertisement for a project manager position at XYZ company that deals with AI solutions. List the main responsibilities, requirements and benefits.”

  3. Design competency tests – based on predefined competencies, ChatGPT will prepare a set of questions and tasks to test a candidate’s specific skills and knowledge. Example:
  4. “Create a set of 5 competency questions to test Python language knowledge among candidates applying for the position of Python Developer.”

  5. Writing effective job ads – by providing the most important information about the position, ChatGPT will generate interesting content for the ad.
  6. “Prepare fun and creative content for a job advertisement for the position of Social Media Manager at ABC marketing agency that fits our communication style. The main tasks include creating content for social media. We expect 2 years of experience in social media.”

  7. Prepare questions for the recruitment interview – just define the competencies and experience you are looking for, and the chatbot will present the appropriate questions.
  8. “Generate a list of unusual and surprising 10 questions I might ask during a recruitment interview with a candidate for a Sales Specialist position. He or she should have experience in direct sales and building relationships with customers.”

  9. Write emails to candidates – ChatGPT will enable personalized email communication with job applicants.
  10. “Write the content of a formal email to the candidate [name, surname] informing him of the invitation to an interview for the position of graphic designer.”

  11. Onboard a new employee – the chatbot will generate a detailed plan for introducing a new person to the organization.
  12. “Create an onboarding plan for a newly hired Executive Assistant position at a healthcare company. It should include key activities for the first week and month on the job.”

  13. Design employer branding materials – after defining the target audience and objective, ChatGPT will propose creative content to promote the company as an employer.
  14. “Create 3 post ideas to promote XYZ company as an attractive employer on social media. The company is in the waste recycling business.”

  15. Generate ideas for training, R&D – you just need to specify the objectives and target group of the training, so that the chatbot makes interesting suggestions for topics and forms.
  16. “Suggest 5 interesting soft training topics for the sales department to improve interpersonal skills.”

  17. Prepare a guide for a new employee – ChatGPT will automatically generate a guide containing key information for newcomers to the company.
  18. “Use the documents pasted below and create an onboarding guide for a newly hired person in the accounting department. It should include information about the company, policies, work tools, etc. Documents: ”

  19. Conduct an employee assessment interview – the chatbot will suggest several useful questions and topics to address during the performance review.
  20. “TASK: Give me ideas for 5 questions I can ask my employee during the annual appraisal interview to discuss his development in the company. Employee profile: “

Precise ChatGPT prompts can significantly streamline many HR and recruitment processes, but it’s always worth remembering that artificial intelligence has its limitations, so you should always check the material it generates, and carefully review how it performs employee evaluations, for example.

This is because research shows that artificial intelligence replicates stereotypes and can, for example, inherently advise against a great candidate for a programming position because she is a woman – and most people working in such positions are men.

Looking at the numbers: a study by Sayash Kapoor and Arvind Narayanan found that ChatGPT is 2.8 times more likely to give incorrect answers to anti-stereotype questions than to stereotype questions (34% incorrect answers versus 12%). Thus, many worthy candidates can be rejected in this way.

Where to look for ready-made ChatGPT prompts for HR?

Need prompts other than the ones we’ve outlined to get the most out of ChatGPT in HR and recruiting? Look for ready-made command examples, or ChatGPT prompts, on your own. Here are some sources where you can find proven prompts for HR professionals:

  • AI for Work – – is a free library of advanced ChatGPT tips designed for professionals working in various fields such as marketing, sales, law, medicine and HR.
  • GPT for HR – – an interesting source of information about artificial intelligence in HR. Also on this site, you can find examples of ChatGPT prompts, ready to use for HR and recruiting work.
  • AI HR – – it’s worth perusing the Academy to Innovate HR blog for handy ChatGPT prompts.

It is worth checking online forums, as well as groups on LinkedIn dedicated to HR and recruitment.

ChatGPT Prompts


ChatGPT can already significantly ease the burden on HR departments and recruitment specialists. Automating tedious tasks allows you to focus on building relationships with employees and candidates, but the introduction of advanced systems based on artificial intelligence still raises many concerns, especially in the context of AI’s impartiality and ethics. Therefore, for now, the best solution seems to be to wisely combine the skills of humans and machines for the benefit of employees.

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