We know already what digital products are and why it is worth to sell them. In the next step, make a decision, what digital products you could offer to your clients. To help you with this decision, we have devised a set of 8 ideas for digital products, which can be sold online.

Digital product ideas – table of contents:

  1. Types of digital products
  2. 8 digital products ideas

Types of digital products

The sales of digital products may be an additional source of income or even a main source of income for many people. Regardless of the industry anyone can offer interesting, beneficial solutions to the clients, they will gladly buy. Read the article below and find the list of our ideas for digital products, which can be sold online.

8 digital products ideas

  1. Online courses
  2. Online courses are those products, which are eagerly buy by computer users, because they provide access to the given content all the time. In this educational model the client can complete the material at their own pace and at any free moment of his own time

    The content creators can offer online courses related to different fields of knowledge, and their courses may be more or less developed as well as variously priced. Some of the sellers may base their business on one flagship product or offer many different online courses.

    One of the popular platforms, which offers online courses on many subjects is Udemy.com. At this platform there are categories of courses related with business, IT, marketing, and music, or lifestyle.

    Udemy - digital product ideas
  3. E-books
  4. E-book is the digital equivalent of a book, and it which has no physical form. It can be usually downloaded in PDF version and accessed on the screen of computer, laptop, telephone or e-book reader.

    The author may produce such product on any topic, hence we may expect: cook recipes, DIY guides, business handbooks. The author – entrepreneur may make his e-book available on his own web-site or with one particular editor. It can be either produced as only one copy or the whole well-thought series.

    Currently on the market there are many applications for reading e-books such as: iBooks, Kindle, Legimi or Moon + Reader.

  5. Music, photography
  6. Creative authors may sell their produce online. One of the ways of selling is selling directly to the end user – usually to somebody, who cares to possess the product for their own use. There is a possibility to license such commercial activities in exchange for payment.

    Musicians can record and sell all their own products online. Such artists can offer not only the completed songs and compositions but song lyrics and soundtracks as well.

    Individuals fascinated by photography may sell their own original photographs as stock photographs. Marketing specialists, bloggers, web-site makers use such banks of photographs frequently. Among many popular banks of photographs are: Pixabay, Pexels, Freeimages or Rawpixel.

  7. Templates, plug-ins, tools
  8. Internet users are greatly interested in digital products of many types, which allow them to implement solutions or help with faster task completion. For example, entrepreneurs, who possess their own online store may need new themes, templates for their websites as well as plug-ins designed to improve sales. Sales of logotypes, fonts, icons or templates belongs to this category of selling as well.

    8 digital product ideas - templates
  9. Computer programs
  10. Clients are eager to pay the fair price for efficient and useful programs. Payment may be made at one time for the license or by installments as a subscription. In the second scenario the user is paying steady fee for the ability to use the product.

  11. Applications
  12. In similar to computer programs way digital applications can be sold. Some of the offers may require a payment or be provided in freemium version, where only additional features or functions require additional payment.

  13. Podcast
  14. Many podcasts are available on the market free of charge. In case of some of them, their creators make them accessible in exchange for a certain fee – usually in the form of subscription. In recent times, the option of paid podcasts was introduced by Spotify and is available to clients from many countries.

    8 digital product ideas - podcast
  15. PDF documents
  16. In this category there are all files in PDF version that can be downloaded by the client to his own device and be printed. Among the most popular documents of such type are those, which help with better time management. Those are e.g.: calendars, planners, or to do lists. Other useful documents from this category, willingly bought by the clients are templates of: CV’s motivational letters, invoices, invitations and many other.

    Coloring books can be sold in PDF file version as well. Such files can be used not only by the youngest users of computers. Adults may be an interesting target group for creators of coloring books as well. Recently some de-stressing adult coloring books have become popular on the market.


All of the above ideas can be expanded by dozens of different versions and projects. All depends on creativity and imaginativeness of the author. It is worth to follow the trends to know, what is searched for by the clients.

If there is a trend for nursing of potted plants – make an e-book, in which you can recommend the least demanding plants and describe hot to care for them. You feel that people need to be more motivated? Create an app, that will remind them about their everyday goals. As you see, anything can become an inspiration to create digital products.

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Author: Martin Sparks

E-commerce enthusiasts which constantly digs around the internet in order to make sure he hasn’t missed any important information on the topic of starting and scaling profitable online stores.

The most important questions

  1. What are the types of digital products?

    In most of the fields there is a possibility for creation and sales of digital products. The most popular digital products are: online courses, e-books, photographs, video files or PDF documents.

  2. Where to find an inspiration for digital product creation?

    Everyday life can be an inspiration for digital product creation. It is worth to follow the trends to offer the product, that is sought after by the clients.

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