Online course marketplaces are characterized by the fact that the author publishes his product free and settles accounts with the platform after the sales transaction is finalized. The author of the course has to think about the huge competition, the lack of control, and the lack of access to the database of clients. The most popular online course marketplaces are described in the text below.

Best online course marketplaces – table of contents:

  1. Udemy
  2. Skillshare
  3. Learn from Fiverr
  4. LinkedIn Learning
  5. Udacity
  6. Domestika
  7. OpenSesame


Udemy is a popular online educational platform, where potential clients can find the right product for themselves and can offer their courses to a broad audience. Accordingly to the statistics records that are available on the official website of the company at the end of 2021 platform had more than 185 thousand courses in 75 languages.

The creation and hosting of an online course on Udemy are free. There is no limit to courses that can be created and uploaded by the author. When the course is purchased by the client Udemy deducts all taxes and payments from the gross price of the course. The creator receives 37% of the net value. Udemy provides for the possibility of participation in partnership schemes, where the rate may differ.

Udemy - online course marketplaces


Skillshare is an educational online platform that concentrates on bringing creative communities together. For that reason on the platform mainly creative categories such as photography, illustrations, animations, marketing, and freelancing are popular. Skillshare concentrates on building interaction, thanks to which course participants learn by making designs, there are no long lectures, and the lessons take usually no longer than 30-40 minutes.

Publication of courses doesn’t require making any payment. Course participants receive access to courses after paying a subscription fee. The lecturers are being paid on the base of royalties gained. Skillshare allocates 30% of all monthly income to royalties poll. To determine the wages of lecturers the total amount of minutes watched by the course participants is being considered.

Skillshare - online course marketplaces

Learn from Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform that gathers independent employees, that offer their free time to make required tasks. The service connects freelance workers with potential employers that search for individuals ready to process their requests. Fiver has expanded its activity by offering the Learn from Fiver service, which is a new online courses marketplace.

All the courses are run by professionals in the given subject. The participant, who finalize the course, can be sure that they will gain better visibility on the Fiverr job market. Additionally, on the graduate’s page, there is a badge available to inform about the completion of the course.

Learn from Fiver - online course marketplaces

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a platform that initially was called After the acquisition of the company by Microsoft in 2016 it has become a daughter company of LinkedIn. How to become an instructor in the LinkedIn service? First and foremost one has to fill up and send his application form. The portal will contact the candidate after reading the form. In the application, there is a question about the language of the instruction and there is a selection of several languages such as English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portugal (Brazilian version), and Mandarin (Chinese).

Linkedin learning - online course marketplaces


Udacity is an American educational platform, that has a mission to train employees for their future careers. The service cooperates with technological companies, thanks to which course participants may acquire knowledge and technical skill that is required in the given job market.

The individuals, who wish to become instructors on Udacity have to offer their names. They have to present their skill first by sending a sample of an online video course, to help with the assessment of teaching quality. After the acceptance from the service, the instructor participates in one-week training and then is allowed to start work on his online course. The team of Udacity participates in the process of online course creation. Udacity instructors receive remuneration that is based on their experience and the scope of duties in their job agreement.

Udacity - online course marketplaces


Domestika is a platform, that from a small online forum has been transformed into a service that gathers creative specialists. On the website course, participants can not only find many online courses but make new contacts.

Each individual that wishes to become an instructor may send his name through an online website. What has to be stressed is that Domestika offers courses that are focused on project work. The instructor has to specialize in the area of knowledge related to the creative industry and show expertise in photography, handcraft, web design, or calligraphy.

Domestika - online course marketplaces


OpenSesame is a platform that allows buying and sales of online internet courses. The offer is addressed to employees and companies that wish to develop in the given industry. All individuals wanting to sell online courses on OpenSesame have to fill up and send the application form.

The sellers can combine online courses in packages, after sending the information about the such combination to the support department of the platform. The service has prepared the guide with promotional ideas for instructors. Among the tips, there are: replenishing an account with details such as a description of the company, logo, links to the site and social media, getting a few reviews, or preparing an accurate description of the course.

OpenSesame - online course marketplaces


The best online course marketplaces were presented in the text above. The advantages and disadvantages of online course marketplaces were described in a separate text. In the current article, the abilities and functionalities of different online marketplaces were presented. When deciding on selling online courses through platforms it is worth considering all the possible options.

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