How to sell mobile apps? One of the many ways to make money with mobile applications is to sell them. You can think, why anybody would do that, especially if the app will be later offered in the subscription model. But, as many creators, so many reasons. Some of the creators have the aim to create an app but are not interested in its further development, others might need more time for other undertakings. Whatever the reason, it is worth analyzing, how to sell mobile apps.

How to sell mobile apps? – table of contents:

  1. Application transfer
  2. Where can I sell my mobile app?
  3. Does it make sense to sell your app to the giants?
  4. How to evaluate a mobile app?

Application transfer

As we can read on the App Store website during the sales process of a mobile application there is a transfer of the app to the account of other developers. To facilitate this process one should meet certain requirements – all listed here. Those requirements refer to the fact that the application has to possess at least one version, that was published in App Store, or it should have one listed on the web status.

What if the application does not meet the aforementioned criteria? The solution is the transfer of the whole programmer account to the client. But if you have several applications connected to this one account you have to move them somewhere else or sell them all to the buyer.

For individuals that are interested in the subject of application transfer in Google Play, all the information on the subject can be found here on the website.

Where can I sell my mobile app?

The creators of a mobile app can sell it directly to the client or use a dedicated marketplace platform. The first option is more problematic. First of all, one should find a buyer, which will be interested in talking about your application. If you don’t have contacts, you can try to find such persons via an internet browser and initiate the conversation.

The beginning creators without experience in client negotiations can have difficulties defending their position and achievement of their sales goal. The potential buyer probably already had been talking with other programmers about application purchases, hence it is worth preparing yourself for such a conversation. One of the ways to prepare yourself is the consultation with a specialist or/and a lawyer. Both of those individuals have experience and knowledge about how to negotiate contracts.

Another way of selling mobile applications is using a dedicated platform. Among the most popular ones are App Business Brokers and Flippa.

  • Flippa is founded in 2009 platform for buying and selling websites, companies, and internet applications, The creator can use the help of the broker, but also use the complimentary valuation tool, to learn about the value of an application.
  • How to sell mobile apps - Flippa
  • App Business Brokers – on the website of the platform we can read, that one of the things that service representatives do best is gathering qualified purchasers and sellers in one place. The sales process of the application is very easy – all one has to do is fill up the form available on the website, and ABB deals with all the rest, including the valuation of the project. 
  • App Business Brokers -How to sell mobile apps?

Does it make sense to sell your app to the giants?

Probably some programmers dream about selling their applications to such tech giants as Apple or Google. We can try to put ourselves in their place and assume that they examine the offers that will give them a competitive edge on the market. In this place, one should pay attention to the fact that the product has high quality and responds to the need of the recipients.

Considering Apple, it is worth quoting certain terms that are available on its website. In the “Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy” tab we can read that the company (including the employees and contractors) does not review or does not consider the not requested orders. The representatives ask the users to restrain themselves from sending such types of offers.

In the section “Terms of Idea Submission”, which is below we can read the next interesting information, that the materials, which are being sent to Apple become automatically the property of the company, and the user cannot file for compensation.

The policy of Google work on a similar principle – all posts to the company ideas are treated as their property. That being said, the creator can make an offer via the form available on the website.

How to evaluate a mobile app?

As the starting point, you can evaluate your application as a multiplication of 12-60 times of your net income. It is important to deduct all spendings, that are directly related to its generation (such as marketing, customer service, App Store charges, and maintenance of application) from the gross income.

In this place, one should pay attention to the fact that new applications (that exist for less than a year) can be less attractive because it is harder to determine to investors their long-term potential.

The next factor, that is taken into consideration during the valuation is the sales model involved. If the application is based on the subscription model, which means it brings steady, monthly gains, it will probably be evaluated higher than the application that is based on one-time purchases or advertising revenue.

If you still don’t know how to evaluate your app, use the tool provided by Flippa, which was mentioned above, or ask for the help of App Business Brokers representatives. Compare the prices of other offers available on the platforms listed above. Remember to start negotiations from a higher stake, lower it down during the conversation, and reach a successful agreement.


How to sell mobile apps? As usually, it depends on many factors, including the database contacts and negotiation skills of the creator. However, even the beginning individuals can seek in-depth advice from an experienced specialist – all thanks to dedicated platforms.

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