The development of AI tools has made it easier than ever for entrepreneurs to create their own business applications and websites. They can now build them without any coding skills or specific training. So how to build business applications and websites using AI? Read on to find out more.

How AI tools change the creation of applications?

Creating no-code applications and websites already has its history. However, this year, a new player has entered the no-code stage – generative artificial intelligence. You can now not only set the appearance of headers and forms yourself, but also generate:

  • application content,
  • images and icons,
  • layout and design of the user interface.

As a result, tools that let you create business applications and IT solutions without any programming knowledge have become even more powerful.

An overview of AI tools for creating websites and business apps

On the website, There’s an AI for That, there are already more than 3600 tools that use artificial intelligence for a wide variety of purposes. Among them, you can find the ones that support the creation of websites and business applications.

AI tools

Source: There’s an AI for That (

Some of them, for example, FoxyApps, are used for creating specific applications using a textual description. For instance, you can create ready-to-distribute applications such as:

  • name generators,
  • code analysis tools,
  • keyword research tools.

“There’s an AI for That” offers several AI tools for creating and optimizing websites. However, two universal solutions have captured our attention. is a platform for creating customizable business applications tailored to the company’s needs., on the other hand, is an innovative website builder.

With, you can quickly and easily create custom business applications without any prior coding skills. Users can choose from a number of ready-made templates or build applications from scratch. The second solution seems to be particularly valuable. Custom solutions are usually the reason why companies rely on software development services. With, it is possible to build any business application that is:

  • scalable,
  • secure, and
  • provides users with full control over their settings.

As a result, using such tools leads to a higher return on investment and provides an opportunity to create unique, valuable solutions for any company.

Durable is a platform that is promoted as the fastest website builder in the world. It offers numerous features that simplify the process of creating professional websites. For example, an AI tools name generator, which helps you come up with a catchy business name. After choosing a name, the tool:

  • automatically populates your site with photos specific to your industry,
  • writes original copy based on your guidelines,
  • lets you build a website with a custom domain name. also allows users to fully customize their site and provides access to extra features, such as:

  • CRM, or customer relationship management tools
  • generating ads, social media posts, and sales emails,
  • sending invoices.

You can try out for free, so it’s worth taking a look at the capabilities they offer.

AI tools – summary

Using AI tools in the development of business applications and websites opens the door to new possibilities. However, these solutions are not flawless, and the outcomes they produce may still require some human intervention.

Either way, tools like and allow you to quickly create unique, valuable solutions tailored to your business needs, without programming skills.

With them, you can quickly and efficiently bring your ideas to market. Even if it won’t be the final solution, it should be enough as an MVP or website for a startup or company whose profile is not directly related to selling digital products.

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