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facebook contests

Facebook contests – ideas, laws and methods to measure results

A popular form of expanding reach on Facebook is organizing contests. Do you know how to use this tool effectively? Do you know Facebook’s regulations […]

linkedin analytics

How to use LinkedIn analytics?

As the leading social network for the B2B sector, LinkedIn can be a great marketing channel to build your brand. Still, only the proper and […]

social media strategy

Social media strategy

It sounds scary, but there is nothing to be afraid of! With this simple tutorial, you will tackle the task of preparing a simple strategy […]


Social proof in marketing – best practices and examples

Robert Cialdini, a renowned psychologist and author of Influence: Science and Practice, has shown that people who make uncertain choices are much more likely to […]

how to recruit employees

How to recruit employees using Facebook? 4 ways to find the perfect candidate

Social media have become an excellent platform for information flow. They serve not only as a place for free data exchange – their complexity can […]

transcription of video recording

Transcription of video recordings – 7 reasons why you should do it

Why is a transcription of video recordings a good idea? Video is the future of business – according to Cisco’s research, in 2022 even 82% […]


How to write tweetstorms and use Twitter effectively?

Social media is increasingly being used for efficient customer communication and marketing. One of the most popular among them is Twitter, which allows you to […]


How to write an Instagram bio for your business?

First impressions are made only once. In virtual reality, we observe a similar trend, the modern Internet user does not have time to thoroughly read […]


How to create an infographic? 4 hints on how to do it effectively

Infographics make it possible to present content attractively on the Internet. Well designed infographics will catch the user’s eye much more effectively than text alone. […]


Clickbait in headlines – is it a good way to increase website traffic?

Clickbait in article titles is one way to attract a large number of readers. But is it worth using this method on a blog? This […]


Facebook and Instagram ad comparison. Where is it better to advertise?

The current fickle advertising market requires a presence in social media. Paving the way and pushing the envelope in online advertising, by and large it’s […]


4 tips how you should run a company’s Instagram profile

The implementation of marketing actions on the most popular social media definitely has a significant impact on business development and brand recognition online. In fact, […]

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