New LinkedIn updates – do you know about them? Regardless if you have your profile on Linked to build your brand, if you search for new employment, or if you deal with the sourcing of new employees for a recruitment agency or in-house, you will be interested in the new updates on LinkedIn. Check, what has changed!

New LinkedIn updates – table of contents:

  1. New LinkedIn updates – new tools
  2. Promotion of equality
  3. Additional tab dedicated to companies
  4. New educational paths
  5. New LinkedIn updates – summary

New LinkedIn updates – new tools

New tools for creators of content. Personal profiles of authors – for so-called creators (Creator Mode) are already well-established on LinkedIn, but they are constantly updated with new functions. Those functions are there to support the creation of a personal brand. Among the most popular updates, that had a place in recent times, have to be listed:

  • an option that allows conducting of audio events (Audio Events) involving the audience (for example in the form of networking, office hours, or conversations with so-called thought leaders)
  • possibility to add links to personal websites, events, or portfolios in the upper part of the profile to build recognizability
  • the function that changes automatically the status of the individual after sending the contact request into watching status (regardless of the fact if the receiver accepts the invitation for contact). This function significantly simplifies the process of reaching the broader group of recipients.

The work on the carousel option for creators as well as on the possibility of faster content sharing (with the special button) in other locations (social media, e-mail messages, blogs) is underway. This is intended to cause the easier acquisition of new followers. LinkedIn works also on the function that will enable to save posts as drafts, which should improve regular content sharing and creation. Undoubtedly soon, the portal will inform about further amendments in this area – it can be observed for a long time that the portal focuses on intensive development of the Creator Mode.

Promotion of equality

The recruitment process should involve diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) – the newest research indicates that even though most countries made a huge step toward ensuring equality in the workplace, still higher proportion of management positions are held by men, and usually the individuals of this gender are selected for promotion. Due to the fear that recruiters and managers that hire express similar approaches and prefer to hire men, LinkedIn has decided to make a related to this fact update.

The portal has introduced a new tool in LinkedIn Recruitment and LinkedIn Learning section called: Diversity Nudges. This solution aims to take care of the equal and diversified representation of genders during the recruitment process. When the equality of genders is out of balance the functionality will inform the person responsible for outsourcing or recruitment about this fact. The tool will notify the recruiter about the ratio between genders and will suggest changes in filters (related to localization and skills) that will help to increase the pool of applicants for the next representatives of the female gender. It is assumed that the above function will play an important educational role in increasing awareness of the nature of DEI.

Additional tab dedicated to companies

The important information for all individuals that run the company’s accounts and wish to acquire employees from LinkedIn – the portal has noted that more and more candidates during the recruitment process pay attention to the values of the given company and its organizational culture.

For the best presentation of this information on all company’s accounts, there will be a dedicated location to share this type of news. You can already think about the values and activities (following the idea of CSR, supporting sustainable development, providing conditions for development, work-life balance) to place there to increase your recognizability and acquire willing-to-work candidates.

New educational paths

New changes will appear also on LinkedIn Learning – the portal focuses on the raise awareness of the importance of the problem of equality in hiring. On the portal, the articles that aim to increase the knowledge about the diversified, equal, and integrative process of recruitment and the ways of conducting it will be published. New practices that support DEI in recruitment will be developed under the proposed LinkedIn courses.

New LinkedIn updates

New LinkedIn updates – summary

LinkedIn regularly updates its service. The aim of the updates is the best adjustment to the requirements of the contemporary job market and to enhance the process of account usage. It is worth staying up to date with changes that are introduced on both personal and company profiles as well as recruitment profiles. This is the way we can use the new functionalities faster than our competitors, as well as build the position to achieve expected results, all as a part of social media activities.

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