It might seem that social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or TikTok can only be beneficial for you and your business. After all, they all let you keep in touch with your family and friends, share your passion among followers, or get information about the world.

However, the longer social media is with us, the more we can hear about its both positive and negative impact of social media on the human psyche. We will explore this topic in today’s article. Read on to find out more.

What is social media?

Social media are platforms or websites that let users create and share content, but most importantly, interact with other people. They allow you to communicate, make new friends, and express your opinions and feelings in various forms (e.g., text, photos, video, etc.). At the same time, they are a great marketing tool for companies across industries.

The positive impact of social media on mental health

Conscious and healthy usage of social media can bring several positive effects. The most important of these are listed below.

  • Sense of belonging – Facebook, Instagram, and other networking sites allow people to connect with others, even if they live far away from each other, which helps create a sense of community and ease loneliness.
  • Support – online platforms allow people to find support groups and communities with similar interests or experiences. For people with illnesses, health problems, or other problems, these communities can be a valuable source of emotional and informational support.
  • Inspiration and motivation – social media is often filled with inspirational content, from motivational quotes to success stories from other users. Such content can help you achieve your goals and lift your spirits.
  • Education and entertainment – thanks to social media, users can discover new interests and make changes in their personal or professional lives by browsing content and accounts related to different fields. Social media is a valuable source of information on current events, industry news, or curious facts from the world, and the access to knowledge and learning opportunities they provide can be very beneficial to your well-being.
  • Identity – social media allows users to experiment with their identities, express their views and passions, and find their place in online communities, which can lead to greater confidence and self-acceptance.
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The negative impact of social media on mental health

Although social media provides entertainment and helps build relationships, it very often promotes idealized versions of users’ lives. For this reason, browsing content on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn can sometimes induce feelings of loneliness and sadness, even leading to depression. Other negative effects of social media are listed below:

  • FOMO (fear of missing out) – social media can generate the feeling of apprehension that you are missing out on information, events, or experiences. This, in turn, can lead to anxiety and the need to constantly check your phone,
  • Addictions – using social media is addictive just like shopping or computer games. It can lead to losing control over time spent online, problems with concentration and sleep, and other consequences for your physical and mental health.
  • Cybercrime and online hate – on social media, users can be exposed to cybercrime, hate, offensive comments, and other forms of harassment, which can have negative consequences on their mental health.


It can’t be denied that the impact of social media on the human psyche is greater than we realize. So it’s worth being aware of it, especially if you run your own business and employ other people. As an entrepreneur, there are certain steps you can take to protect your customers and employees from the negative effects of social media, for example by educating them about the dangers of excessive social media usage through an awareness campaign, developing workplace policies, and offering therapy or counseling.

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Author: Laura Green

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