Marketers don’t doubt that video is the king of modern marketing communications. The popularity of vlogs, live streaming, or social media such as TikTok or Snapchat is perfect proof of that. That’s why everyone is unanimously moving in this direction. It is no different in the largest social media platform, namely Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s service favors video materials, also introducing such solutions as a Facebook cover video. What is it, how to use it and why is it worth it? Read on to find out the answers and more!

Facebook cover video – table of contents:

  1. Facebook cover video in the background
  2. Facebook cover video from the technical side
  3. How to prepare good quality material for the cover video?
  4. Attractive video in the background

Facebook cover video in the background

Facebook cover video is a feature that allows you to place a short video at the top of every profile, which is where most of us have our cover photo. What can the feature of adding a video in the background offer? Why should you give up a photo in favor of a video?

The answer is simple – video in the background on Facebook makes your fanpage more dynamic and varied. Thanks to it, you can stand out among thousands of other profiles and present your brand attractively. Undoubtedly, background video attracts attention, enriches the overall message, and increases the effectiveness of communication. In addition, the Facebook cover video gives you a competitive advantage, because still, not many sites use this option.

Facebook cover video from the technical side

When you add a background video, you do the same as with a photo. However, what technical requirements must the video meet?

Facebook cover video – size/dimensions

To achieve the best results, set a resolution of 820 x 462 pixels with an aspect ratio of 2.7. Note, that Facebook states that the absolute minimum is 820 x 312 pixels.

What’s more, the video placed in the background should last between 20 and 90 seconds. Of course, don’t forget about the terms and conditions of service. According to them, the video cannot violate copyright laws and must comply with the general rules of Facebook.

How to prepare good quality material for the cover video?

However, Facebook requirements are not everything. Sometimes too high FPS parameters (frames per second) result in poor quality. The same is true when FB compresses a large file, primarily to optimize for mobile devices. In practice, the optimal FPS is 25-30, while the file weight should not exceed 30 MB.

Also, remember about the possibility to change the position of the video, as is the case with photos. There is also an option to select thumbnails, determine whether to loop the video or to turn the sound on (by default, videos on FB are played without sound).

Of course, you may create a Facebook cover video solely with your genuine media files, but you can also use ready-made solutions, which you can find, for example, on the page Wave. video. With the latter option, you can create a slideshow, add the available clipart temples, add text to the material, and much more. Of course, the foundation will still remain to be your video.

Facebook Cover Video infographic

Attractive video in the background

Of course, technical issues are not everything. Each new visitor of your fanpage will see the background video. Therefore, it has to make a good impression on the recipient both during the first and each subsequent visit. So what kind of content should you place in such as a short skit on Facebook?

It may show a brief history of the company, strengths, or highlights of the offer. Another option is to use a Facebook cover video to inform your audience about current promotions, announced events, or new products/collections. Deciding on the second option and changing the background on the fanpage from time to time, we will make the page alive, and in addition, the published video will facilitate the involvement of potential customers in communication with the brand.

Facebook cover video is worth its weight, regardless of whether the company needs to raise brand awareness, increase sales or create a positive image as part of employer branding!

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