Facebook and Instagram are undoubtedly the first communication channels you think about when starting a new business. Sometimes you will also turn to YouTube if you have an idea for compelling videos, LinkedIn if you are a B2B contractor, or TikTok if you’re targeting the youngest audience with your products or services. Although these social media giants are used by millions of people worldwide, they are not the only platforms you can explore for your business. In today’s post, we will present four niche social media networks you should check out. Let’s dig right in!

Pinterest as a first niche social media platform

Pinterest is a platform that is great for the fashion, interior design, food, or do-it-yourself (DIY) industries. On Pinterest, you can share your designs, product photos, or recipes in the form of pins that you save on boards. It’s a great place for companies that want to present their products attractively, focusing on the visual aspect, and at the same time taking care of sales, as you can find up to 500 thousand active users on this platform. This niche social media site can be also used for:

  • Promoting products and services – creating pins with product photos or videos can encourage people to make a purchase,
  • Building brand awareness – businesses can also create pins with informative and educational content to attract new customers and build trust in the brand,
  • Generating leads – pins with links to websites or contact forms can help attract new customers.


If you are involved in video games or streaming, a social media site like Twitch can be a fantastic option for your business. This interactive live-streaming service attracts a community of video game enthusiasts, streamers, and viewers interested in gaming content – up to 10 million users visit it daily! How can you take advantage of this medium? For example, you may sponsor streamers to promote your games or gaming accessories and reach new audiences. You can also use this platform if you create vlogs or podcasts – it’s a great place to build a community around your brand and interact with viewers in real time.

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Reddit is an increasingly popular discussion platform that can be useful for many types of businesses. It’s a place where people share content, discuss various topics, and create their own communities within topic threads known as subreddits. In the context of business, Reddit offers some interesting options, which we outline below.

  • Tracking customer feedback – Reddit has many subreddits related to specific products, brands, or industries. You can follow these communities, provide answers to customer questions, collect feedback, and respond to suggestions so you can stay on top of customer issues and provide ongoing technical support when needed.
  • Networking – On Reddit, you can also network with other professionals and entrepreneurs, especially in subreddits related to specific industries. Participating in discussions and sharing your knowledge will help you build a reputation as an expert in your field.
  • Market research – Reddit is a great source of information and reviews, which means that the platform can be used for market research as well as analyzing trends and customer needs.
  • Self-promotion – Reddit gives people the opportunity to promote their projects, businesses, or websites, but keep in mind that advertising on this niche social media site needs to be subtle and engaging so as not to be ignored or rejected by the community.


Not so long ago, Discord was a niche social media platform primarily focused on gamers, but over time it has become popular in other areas as well. It’s becoming especially useful when it comes to promoting personal brands or businesses that rely on building online communities. Discord allows you to create servers where you can communicate with your customers in real time and run separate channels for technical support, industry-related discussions (sports, nutrition, beauty, etc.), or new arrivals. It also gives you the opportunity to organize live events – webinars or trainings, which means it gives you new content forms to use. So this niche social media helps you build relationships with your customers in an effective way.

Niche social media platforms – summary

We have just discussed four niche social media sites that you can use to build your business. Pinterest will support your sales, while Discord will help you build a community around your brand. However, the platforms listed above are not the only ones you can join. Do more research to find the best solution for your company. Regardless of the communication channel you decide to use, remember to create valuable and authentic content that will engage your community. So do your best to stand out in the market and succeed in the world of competitive Internet marketing.

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Author: Laura Green

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