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how to work remotely

A company without an office. How to work remotely and manage your team effectively

Have you ever wondered how to work remotely? Not every company needs to have an office, even if they have employees. Remote working is an […]

organic traffic

How to take care of organic traffic to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on your business

COVID-19 appeared unexpectedly and within a few months it changed our reality in a way that seemed completely unbelievable. People continue to wonder if there’s […]

business plan for e-commerce

Business plan for e-commerce: how to construct, implement and start monetizing your online store

The functioning of even a small company should be based on a well-thought-out business plan. This document is a kind of framework, specifying the economic […]

types of crowdfunding

How to make money online? 3 types of crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is raising capital through an online platform. An entrepreneur who has an idea shares it with internet users. And they, if they think it […]

visual brand identity

Branding strategy for startups. Visual brand identity

Name, logo and slogan form the “holy trinity” of brand identity. They are the elements most often noticed by the customers and associated with a […]

how to create a sales forecast

How to create a sales forecast?

A sales forecast is essential for formulating a sales plan, which in turn is essential for developing a sales strategy. Without it, it is impossible […]


7 important startup roles explained

Clearly assigned startup roles are the backbone of a business. However, there are times when they are from outside the organization (and not only), for […]

branding strategy for startups

Branding strategy for startups: verbal elements

Verbal elements, next to the visual ones, play an equally important role in the branding strategy. After all, the presentation itself, even the most attractive […]

subscription as a business model

Subscription as a business model for a startup – 3 useful hints

Subscription as a business model fits perfectly into the prevailing trends in the consumer market. Regular home delivery of basic necessities? Screening of the latest […]

ideas for a business

5 creative ideas for a business that require little or no startup capital

Financial obstacles are the main reason most people can’t or won’t set up and run their businesses. But it’s not all about the cash these […]


Branding strategy for startups — where to start?

Building brand awareness (so-called branding) is the basis without which it is difficult to imagine undertaking any business activities. The term covers assigning meanings, creating […]


How to prepare your startup for the future?

By definition, a startup is the business of the future. It is oriented on constant and systematic development and based on innovations. That’s the main […]

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