If an employee is a business card of the company, every effort must be made to ensure that they enjoy their work, are provided with dignified conditions and feel an integral part of the whole. Otherwise, they will certainly have more than one occasion to share opinions with third parties without being understood in workplace. In turn, that opinion will be perceived as much more credible than slogans placed by the entity employing him in even the best-designed advertisement.

Internal PR – table of contents:

  1. Internal PR – what is it?
  2. Internal PR – why is it worth it?
  3. Internal PR tools
  4. FAQ. Questions and answers

An underappreciated employee will certainly not feel inclined to undertake efforts for the benefit of an organization that does not perceive his or her value, not to mention a sense of belonging. To avoid this, internal PR was created. In this article, we answer the questions, what it is, what tools it uses and what effect can be achieved by implementing it in your own company.

Internal PR – what is it?

Internal PR (Public Relations) is understood as a set of activities aiming at managing the relations between the employer and the employee. As a consequence the employer should appear in the employee’s perception in the desired way – e.g. as the one who ensures stable employment, decent remuneration, cares about the atmosphere at work, creates possibilities for development, appreciates the effort, consolidates the team as a real leader, at the same time being involved in the issues of social responsibility of his business.

What is all this for? The main purpose is certainly not to flatter the ego of the employer, but to achive measurable, calculated in profits and losses, business results. It has been known for a long time that a satisfied employee is an efficient employee. We also know the power of the so-called whisper marketing, in which personal feelings, analyses, recommendations or warnings embody the ability to influence the decisions of others. At the same time, it is the most reliable form of promotion or anti-advertising because it’s not motivated by profits.

Therefore, employers make efforts to reinforce positive feelings about the organization while preventing the escalation of potential crises. The key to success in this regard is effective communication, which takes a 2-way form. The employee must be noticed, and his or her opinion must be not so much heard as listened to. The most valuable capital is already available – you just need to reach for it.

Moreover, while words alone may be enough when it comes to external public relations, the employees who are at the center of the company’s events feel the decisions made need concrete steps in their implementation. A discrepancy between the declarations and the actual actions will surely be noticed in no time – that is why internal PR requires from the people responsible for it maximum transparency in words and actions.

Internal PR – why is it worth it?

Effective internal PR activities make it possible to fully exploit the potential that lies dormant in employees. Those who are satisfied with their working conditions will work more efficiently for the organization, perceiving their importance for it, attachment to it and the purposefulness their of actions. All striving for their own and the company’s development.

This effect can be maximized through the synergy achieved by integrating employees. A good working atmosphere is one of the most important factors in the eyes of employees. If this is achieved, team members will be fully focused on their duties, not distracted by possible conflicts in the group and more willing to exchange information among themselves; a sense of belonging will further mobilize them to work for the common good.

Employee satisfaction also reduces the risk of empty posts, costs associated with recruitment and the process of introducing new people to their responsibilities. Knowledge of the organization is an extremely valuable asset that can be used to improve the organization or mitigate its risks – as long as you listen to those who face various everyday problems and can generate ideas. After all, an employee who identifies with the company he or she works for will be its best advertisement. The information coming from inside the organization is the most valuable from the point of view of the recipients.

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Internal PR tools

Getting down to specifics, there are many tools to build internal PR. They make it possible to effectively circulate information within the company, motivate people to work and build team spirit with which even the most distant goals can be achieved. Among them are:

  • mailings,
  • newsletters,
  • training materials,
  • boards,
  • video chats,
  • briefings,
  • radio stations,
  • contests,
  • idea boxes,
  • conferences,
  • lunch breaks together,
  • integration trips,
  • events.

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Author: Zofia Lipska

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The most important questions

  1. What is internal PR?

    Internal PR is a set of activities aimed at managing the relations between the employer and the employee to satisfy the latter.

  2. Why is internal PR important?

    Internal PR allows building mobilized workforce and integrated teams that provide the best advertisement for the employer’s actions.