organic traffic

How to take care of organic traffic to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on your business

COVID-19 appeared unexpectedly and within a few months it changed our reality in a way that seemed completely unbelievable. People continue to wonder if there’s […]

mobile first

Mobile first – how to design a mobile online store to increase the interest of its users

Although ignoring the rising mobile use figures seems incomprehensible, there are still companies that are reluctant to adapt to the changes and neglect the mobile […]

facebook audience insights

Facebook Audience Insights: how to use the data and increase the effectiveness of actions

Facebook Audience Insights is one of the most powerful analytical tools Facebook has made available to advertisers. Created primarily to help you target your ads […]

sales in e-commerce

What determines sales in e-commerce, or what to keep in mind when designing customer journey in an e-store

Online shoppers are getting more and more picky, demanding and impatient every year. According to Adobe, as many as 38% of them will abandon a […]


Tips on making more sales in e-commerce: upselling

Consumers are increasingly willing to shop online, as we can see by the increase in the establishment of online stores. One of the goals of […]


Useful tips on making more sales in e-commerce: cross-selling

Sellers and marketers are eager to use techniques that help them move around their online store. One of them is cross-selling, which is also known […]

after-sales service

After-sales service – how to make customers want to come back

After-sales service is as important as the one before the sale. If it’s cleverly planned, it can provide loyal customers eager to come back. What […]

e-commerce vs marketplace

E-commerce vs marketplace – which option to choose at the beginning

If you are just working on moving your business online – you are surely considering whether to choose one of the marketplace platforms or focus […]

customer reviews

E-commerce. The importance of customer reviews

The role of social proof in e-commerce, where products cannot be seen or touched, is crucial. Reviews given by customers – both about your store […]

how to create a product page

What elements cannot be missing on a product page – a quick guide

One or two photos on a white background, a table with specifications, often copied from the manufacturer, price and delivery terms… In theory, preparing a […]

linkedin analytics

How to use LinkedIn analytics?

As the leading social network for the B2B sector, LinkedIn can be a great marketing channel to build your brand. Still, only the proper and […]

social media strategy

Social media strategy

It sounds scary, but there is nothing to be afraid of! With this simple tutorial, you will tackle the task of preparing a simple strategy […]

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