Top tips on time management

Nowadays, more and more time is spent at work. Overtime and piling up orders have become the new norm. Poles and Greeks are among the […]


Clickbait in headlines – is it a good way to increase website traffic?

Clickbait in article titles is one way to attract a large number of readers. But is it worth using this method on a blog? This […]


Voice search and SEO – how to optimize a website for voice search?

Until recently, the voice search function has been associated primarily with fantasy film productions. The heroes of science fiction movies used the possibility of communicating […]


5 newsletter details that really make a difference

When it comes to writing newsletters, the devil is in the details, and they largely determine the success of the newsletter – a small mistake […]


Where is it better to advertise? Facebook and Instagram ad comparison

The advertising market is constantly undergoing dynamic changes. Today, to reach customers, it is necessary to be present in social media and use commercial solutions. […]


How to write catchy headlines?

Cookie-cutter performance in marketing is poorish. It is accepted that people who think in stereotypes are not creative enough, notice fewer details, and often fall […]

Personal branding for freelancers. How to establish a freelancer’s personal brand image?

If you have decided to work as a freelancer – congratulations. You probably have the skills desired by potential business partners. What you probably lack […]

E-mail marketing. How to devise a successful e-mail marketing campaign?

With some 269 billion emails sent every day, the competition for the already highly distracted attention of your audience is enormous, but it’s still gainful: […]


How to run a company’s Instagram profile and what to post on it?

The implementation of marketing actions on the most popular social media definitely has a significant impact on business development and brand recognition online. In fact, […]


How to make money on

Fiverr is a popular website for freelancers to earn money by performing certain services online. defines itself as the largest platform with global reach […]


Is a 4-day work week on the horizon?

Are the days of the full five-day work week coming to an end? Recent media stories and research emerging about the benefits of a shortened […]

Top tips on boosting freelancer’s portfolio

Are you a freelancer looking for ways to promote your portfolio? These days not only large corporations can wield the power of the internet to […]

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