Are you shipping goods to customers in Greece? Check if you should register for Greek VAT and what the VAT rates in Greece are. Read on.

VAT in Greece was introduced in 1987. The value-added tax is known there as Foros prostithemenis aksias or FPA.

Should you register for VAT in Greece?

The obligation to register for VAT in Greece exists in, among others, the following situations:

  • importing goods into Europe through Greece for the first time,
  • dispatch (sale) or acquisition (purchase) of goods from other European Union countries (intra-Community sales),
  • buying and selling goods in Greece,
  • organization of various types of events, conferences, and exhibitions with paid entry,
  • online sales to Greek and other EU countries consumers after exceeding the sales threshold of PLN 42,000.

What information is required to obtain a Greek VAT number and registration?

Companies registered in the EU must fill out specific forms and email them to the local Greek tax office. They may need to provide extra documents. Entrepreneurs from outside the EU are required to appoint a tax representative to register for VAT in Greece.

What is the format of the Greek VAT number?

Once the registration is approved (which takes only one working week), the company will receive a unique Greek VAT number. All EU member states have a set format for their VAT numbers. The Greek number consists of the prefix EL followed by a 9-digit number.

Country code: EL

Format: 123456789

Number of characters: 9

How often are Greek VAT returns required?

VAT returns in Greece are filed monthly or quarterly (depending on the size of the company and the type of accounting records maintained). However, foreign companies registered as VAT taxpayers in Greece should submit quarterly returns.

What are the final deadlines for filing Greek VAT returns?

Monthly declarations are to be submitted by the 26th day of the following month, and quarterly ones by the 30th day of the month following the quarter being reported.Business entities registered as VAT payers in Greece can apply for a tax refund at any time after submitting their VAT return.

Where are VAT in Greece returns filed?

Greece imposes the obligation to submit VAT returns on most taxpayers. These declarations are filed electronically through the portal of the Greek tax authorities (

VAT in Greece

Gdzie składane są greckie deklaracje VAT?

Grecja nakłada obowiązek wypełnienia deklaracji VAT na większość podatników. Owe deklaracje są składane elektronicznie poprzez portal greckich władz podatkowych (

Greek VAT penalties

Submitting incorrect or late VAT in Greece declarations incurs penalties. Late registration for VAT (within 30 days of a taxable supply) carries similar penalties. If entrepreneurs inform tax authorities of registration delays, the penalty is 1.5% of the VAT due per month of delay, up to 100%. When tax authorities discover the delay, the penalty is 3.5% of the VAT due per month, up to 200% of the outstanding tax. Late payment penalties range from €100 to €2500. Failure to submit a declaration may result in a penalty equal to the VAT amount due.

VAT in Greece is subject to a five-year limitation period. However, in the case of intentional violations or inaccuracies, a settlement can be made up to 20 years after the end of the relevant accounting period.

Rates of VAT in Greece

24% standard
  • all goods and services not covered by the lower VAT rate,
  • 13% reduced
    • some food products,
    • some takeaway food,
    • some cut flowers and plants for food production,
    • some non-alcoholic beverages,
    • water supplies,
    • some pharmaceutical products,
    • some medical devices for the disabled,
    • some agricultural products,
    • housekeeping services,
    • accommodation in hotels (bed and breakfast),
    • some social services,
    • restaurant and catering services (other than entertainment centers),
    • services provided by boarding schools,
    • facilities for people with disabilities,
    6% reduced
    • some pharmaceutical products,
    • some books (excluding e-books),
    • some newspapers and magazines,
    • some entrance tickets to theaters and concerts,
    • supply of electricity, gas, and central heating,
    0% zero
    • intra-Community and international air and sea transportation.

    Very similar VAT rates apply in Portugal. VAT rates in Finland are also similar to those in Greece.

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