Are you trying to succeed in affiliate marketing but your efforts are in vain? Do you want to fulfill your dreams, yet you are constantly facing overwhelming obstacles you can’t overcome? You may have studied all sorts of guidebooks before embarking on your adventure as a publisher, but still, it may have happened that the general principles did not pass the test. Can failure be turned into success? Why doesn’t affiliate marketing work? We rush to help!

Why doesn’t affiliate marketing work? – table of contents:

  1. Learning from mistakes
  2. Why doesn’t affiliate marketing work? The biggest mistakes
  3. Only one contract
  4. No thoughtful strategy
  5. Unspecified goals
  6. Don’t give up!

Learning from mistakes

Surely you heard this corny cliché that you learn only from mistakes. Unfortunately, often these are not mistakes everyone makes. They are yours and you pay the price. Yet, don’t be discouraged if your beginnings as a publisher are tough. Every lesson teaches you something. If your marketing is full of failure then let’s consider what went wrong. Why is affiliate marketing not working? Let’s find the wrongs and make them right!

Why doesn’t affiliate marketing work? The biggest mistakes

Perhaps the reason behind publishing errors aren’t that hard to find. Below, we prepared the most common sins of publishers. We hope it’ll shed some light on your path and provide useful guidance:

  1. A common disappointment turns out to be unrealistic expectations in terms of finances. It’s easy to get discouraged and think that your efforts are in vain. Remember – no one makes millions in a few months.
  2. You are invisible on the web. You don’t use keywords or more complex phrases. Wanting to increase traffic to your site, keyword planners will come to your aid – a proven program includes SemRush. On social networks, use hashtags.
  3. You’re not in touch with your audience, so they don’t get a chance to stay up to date. Users are convenient and like ready-made solutions. Didn’t build a mailing list? Haven’t kept a Newsletter? Make up for it as soon as possible!
  4. Make sure you are promoting a niche, not a popular and competitive field. If it is a niche – does it enjoy success? Is it of interest to you personally? The Google Trends tool can be useful – with it, you can check the frequency of searches for given phrases in a particular region. Perhaps you need to specify the region of operation.
  5. Never take one way of communication without thinking. Diversify your activities, check current trends and test different solutions. Your content may be interesting, but your audience may prefer video to graphic forms, for example.
  6. Don’t create content by force – boring, useless as well as of poor quality. Being a publisher is a job like any other. Take it seriously.
  7. Giving up on analysis is a step toward failure. You won’t be successful if you don’t know where your traffic is coming from and where it’s having the most effect. Setting up Google Analytics, using live stats and measurements is the responsibility of every publisher. Don’t be afraid of numbers and analytics – it’s a valuable source of information.
  8. Are you promoting old products, not up to date and afraid of the news? Change that as soon as possible! Innovation is at a premium today.
  9. Make sure you act consistently. You can’t suddenly, without thinking, start recommending products unrelated to your niche.
  10. Have you offered poor-quality products? Have you advertised something you wouldn’t want to use yourself? End such cooperation as soon as possible before you lose credibility!
  11. Beware of pushy actions, full of spam. No one likes to be inundated with ads.
  12. You will also get exposed to losses by ineffective paid marketing activities and those that are already beyond your budget and your profits at the start.

Only one contract

There are times when you are not to blame for failure. Your efforts can go to waste when you limit yourself to one advertiser for too long or agree to unfavorable terms. Test different cooperation models, look for new alternatives and consider more contracts as you grow.

Why doesn't affiliate marketing work?

No thoughtful strategy

It’s a waste of your time to wander in the fog. The key is an apt strategy. Write down a plan before you act. Plan to promote product No. 1. Then think about how recommending more products can complement the first step.

Have you ever heard of cross-selling? It’s nothing more than selling a complementary product to a selected item. For a festive dress, many customers will look for matching jewelry or elegant shoes. You know a similar procedure from fast-food chains. For a hamburger, you are offered a drink and fries. A golden mean is needed. Don’t promote products from different fabrics, but don’t focus your activities only on one thing.

Unspecified goals

Every type of marketing requires specifying goals. Collaboration marketing is no different. You don’t know if you’re a successful publisher if you’re not clear about what you wanted to achieve. Each of your goals needs precise definition and time-bound frame. The goal is not to become a full-time publisher, but, for example, to make a profit of $100 by the end of October 2022.

Don’t give up!

Mistakes are inevitable. No one likes to make them. But there is the other side of the coin – no one manages to avoid them and it is impossible to learn by achieving success alone. The road to success is bumpy, it is demanding, but it is worth the time. Have you found an area where an underdeveloped thread remains? Are you still looking for a major shortcoming? Regardless of your advancement as a publisher, this piece of advice is universal: Don’t get discouraged, don’t give up. Work to turn failures into great successes!

Why doesn’t affiliate marketing work? Now you know what to do to succeed in this field! Read other articles about affiliate marketing: How to do affiliate marketing?, How to effectively set up an affiliate marketing website?

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