Envato Market is a service that allows you to earn money by selling digital products: graphics, Powerpoint templates, website templates, images, plugins, etc. The platform has as many as 4 million registered users. How to start making money on it? To get started on Envato Market, you need to create a free user account. Once activated, you need to upload digital products for sale.

Envato Market – everything you need to know:


Envato’s verification process

However, before the platform makes the uploaded files available for sale, they are first verified. It is not enough, for example, to upload photos and put them up for sale. You have to remember that each category of the service has different guidelines regarding the quality and parameters of given digital products and presale preparation.

To have your files approved, you need to submit a request via the site. While the request is processed, the site staff sets the price for the product – the author cannot set the price on his/her own. In case the user considers the proposed price too low, he/she can appeal and submit his/her proposal.

However, this is not tantamount to its automatic approval, because the service reserves the right to refuse. Therefore, before evaluating your product, it is advisable to read the price ranges of a given category in the help section.

Author’s royalties

The author’s royalty is affected by the number of previous sales made on the platform and the type of products, which are divided into:

  • Exclusive – is a product that the author sells exclusively on Envato, which means that his shares can be up to 62.5% of the total sales amount. However, after exceeding $3750, the author’s profit is further increased by 1.25%. The higher the sales, the lower the commission for the service and the higher the author’s profit. The maximum author’s remuneration for exclusive products can amount to 87.5%.
  • Non – exclusive – are products that are not exclusive to the site. It means that the creator can also sell them on other platforms, e.g., on his/her website, online store, etc. In this case, his profit is 45%.

Please note that these rules are subjected to change, so you should familiarize yourself with them each time you list a product for sale. A huge advantage of Envato Market is that the service makes it available for authors to set up an account for exclusive and non-exclusive products simultaneously. This allows them to sell products on different platforms at the same time or just exclusively and get a higher share of the profit.

Product categories

envato market

The site allows the sale of digital products from various categories. Products related to those with exclusive status must also be sold by the author on an exclusive basis. Therefore, their status must be determined at the application stage.

The categories to which you can assign your works are:
  • ThemeForest – includes website templates (HTML, WordPress),
  • CodeCanyon – plugins for extended applications in React or Angular,
  • VideoHive – original videos, animations, overlays and intros,
  • AudioJungle – music tracks, tracks and sound effects,
  • GraphicRiver – graphics, infographics, illustrations and presentations,
  • PhotoDune – high quality photos,
  • 3DOcean – 3D models and products related to 3D visualization.

Settling the payment

Earning from Envato market is possible for both business and non-business people.

People running their own business can earn money on the portal. The settlement may be according to the tax scale of 17% or 32% or the flat tax. On the other hand, expenses incurred in connection with the creation of a product of author’s character, e.g., connected with the purchase of hardware or software used to create graphics, can be classified as tax deductible costs.

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