CRM for freelancers are constantly growing on popularity as business and work environment rapidly changes. Most reports and statistics point to the significant growth of freelance platforms, working independently, and a tendency to hire more freelancers.

Best CRM software for freelancers – table of contents:

  1. CRM for freelancers. Why is it important?
  2. What is CRM?
  3. I’m a new freelancer. Why do I need CRM?
  4. I’m a pro. Where are the profits from CRM for freelancers?

CRM for freelancers. Why is it important?

Of course, there is also the COVID-19 pandemic, which became the true catalyst of work environment changes. So-called new normality got its own challenges, which require new solutions. One of those is a question about properly managing the relations between atomic units working for a common purpose. Thankfully digital world provides solutions and tools to juggle that type of challenge – the CRM software.

What is CRM?

Ok, first things first. What exactly is CRM? That’s pretty simple – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an approach to build, develop, and keep good relations with clients. Sounds simple but quite general, right? So let’s focus on CRM’s practical and technological dimensions. CRM is a category of tools and software products to manage relations with clients. I know, it looks like Customer Relationship Management systems are dedicated to big companies with complicated structures. Why should you, as a freelancer or small business owner, care about just another tool? Well, because that „just another tool” might become your best friend and undisputedly help to reach your goals.

Phase 1: I’m a new freelancer. Why do I need CRM?

Beginnings usually are quite challenging and require maximum patience and consistency. As a newbie, your main goal is to build the public – regular customers, clients, and leads. To interest and keep them you need wonderful communication. Everything requires time and focus.

Let’s underline it. No matter how hard you work you won’t overcome the 24-hour in a day. But there are things which can help to manage a given time wisely. CRM software is the thing. Using it in the communication you get profits, as the possibility of tracking the whole relationship with the client, label the progress, and keeping notes. To boost and automatize communications you can create and use email templates.

CRM for freelancers makes handling the whole communication effective and easy. Even (or especially) if your client’s database develops fast. And I wish it will!

Phase 2: I’m a pro. Where are the profits from CRM for freelancers?

If you’re a freelancer with a large base of clients – wonderful, you’re doing a great job! I suppose one of your main concerns is how to manage the communication with customers and clients. As nowadays interdependency with various people may be really complicated using roper CRM tool is more than helpful. By using it you can label the relationships, take notes, organize calendars with relevant reminders.

Some CRM systems provides also the possibility to control finances, i.e. to manage expenses or to invoice.

CRM for freelancers helps organize email (and other) communication. Even if you’re working with just a few clients you’ll appreciate how much time CRM software can save you.  Additionally, most Customer Relationship Management systems show open tickets (i.e. new email) – if you’re busy at the moment the ticket will remind you not to forget to respond. It’s so unprofessional!

No matter if you have 5, 20, or 500 clients, CRM has important functions for every freelancer – it tracks your success. How? By conversion rates, successful lead contacts, CTR (click-through rates) for emails, and so on.

You really don’t need to be a large company with thousands of clients to appreciate the values of a good CRM system. At least it’s worth to give it a try – judge by yourself if CRM answers your needs. Oh, by the way – you don’t need to pay for good CRM software.

Firmbee allows you not only to manage your relations with clients but also manage whole:

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Author: Mira Bodhi

Knows all the pros and cons of working as a Freelancer and still makes the best of it. Time management and self-motivation are her biggest advantages. She is now a digital nomad and works traveling all over the world.