A system for finance
and invoice management

Stay on top of your budget, track payments and calculate costs.

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Track your firm’s income and expenses

Make informed financial decisions.

Access real-time updates on your firm’s finances. Track your revenues, expenses, bills and invoices and keep the information backed up for easy access on several devices. Check the statuses of client payments, receive reminders and always stay on top of your budget. watch the movie


Manage your project budget

Gain a complete, on-demand view of your project finances.

Understand the cash flow related to your projects. Know where you’re spending and earning money. All this with our system for finance and invoice management:

  • Link revenues and expenses to certain projects.
  • Easily check what is the project’s percentage share of the cost.
  • Keep project budget insights accessible for your team.


Calculate employee costs

Settle accounts with ease.

Use our system for finance and invoice management to calculate employee costs. How? Let your team log time on certain tasks and projects. Use the information from their timesheets to settle accounts. If needed, set custom rates for chosen coworkers.


Keep your finance information centralized

Gain access to relevant deal data with CRM tools.

Throw all information regarding products, offers, and contractors payments into Firmbee. Easily find expenses or revenues associated with companies and contact people. Stay on top of your inventory – check the quantities and prices of your products and offers, and benefit from the automatic inventory tracking option.


Issue all types of invoices

Use our free invoicing app.

Settle with your client by rolling over the project & employee costs directly into invoices, or create invoices from scratch. Interfere with every aspect of your document:

  • switch between several currencies, languages, tax rates,
  • add custom discounts,
  • if needed, allow partial payments.
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For several industries

Thanks to its endless possibilities and customization options, Firmbee is a good fit for many types of businesses, including:


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