Conversion rate in e-commerce – how to increase it?

What is the conversion rate in e-commerce? How to increase it and get better results from your marketing efforts? Perhaps the most accurate and professional […]


9 useful customer communication tips for e-commerce owners

When it comes to customer communication tips for e-commerce owners, you have to learn how to accept criticism and negative feedback. What is more, you […]


SEO in times of pandemic. Important things to look out for

Google, which gathers information about our online behavior, knows more about us than we’d like to admit, but… historical data in recent days poorly illustrates […]

Things to expect from your SEO agency

When it comes to the things to expect from your SEO agency, the line between the client and contractor is often like a battlefield, and […]


Storytelling in marketing – the most important rules

“Tell the story of the screws we produce in such a way that the story is as moving as the tale of Romeo and Juliet.” […]


How to optimize the appearance of your online store? Best practices

The number of online stores in our country is growing at a noticeable rate, so it’s good to take some time and think how to […]

how to increase conversion

How to increase conversion in your e-store

Have you ever wonder how to increase conversion in your e-store? If your answear is yes, you can use the knowledge we gathered here and […]

branding strategy for startups

Branding strategy for startups: verbal elements

Verbal elements, next to the visual ones, play an equally important role in the branding strategy. After all, the presentation itself, even the most attractive […]


Venture capital funds for startups. How do they work?

What are the benefits of a venture capital funds for startups? Who in particular should consider this form of support? What risks does venture capital […]


How does Google Shopping work?

If you’re selling your product on the internet, now is the right moment to discover how does google shopping work. Search advertising is currently one […]

subscription as a business model

Subscription as a business model for a startup – 3 useful hints

Subscription as a business model fits perfectly into the prevailing trends in the consumer market. Regular home delivery of basic necessities? Screening of the latest […]

ideas for a business

5 creative ideas for a business that require little or no startup capital

Financial obstacles are the main reason most people can’t or won’t set up and run their businesses. But it’s not all about the cash these […]

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