Best practices for hybrid work model – do you know any of them? Do you know how to make your team work efficiently during their remote work time? What have we learned about hybrid work in recent years? The model of employment has been transformed and the future of modern work market is determined by the development of new technologies. The unexpected changes force employers to take a new, flexible approach to the employment. Read the article to find out how to make more out of hybrid work model in your company.

Best practices for hybrid work model – table of contents:

  1. Best practices for hybrid work model
  2. Benefits of hybrid work
  3. Challenges of new working style
  4. Hybrid work model – tips
  5. Summary

Best practices for hybrid work model

The hybrid work model combines the office work with the remote work. IT is difficult to define such type of work, because there are no legal regulations of this type of work in many countries. In practice, companies offer different types of solutions. One of the methods is the strict division of employees into two groups – those, who work in the office, and those, who work from home.

Another solution is the adjustment of work to the employee’s situation. If it is only possible the employees realize their tasks remotely, but if there is a need they are being asked to work in the headquarters of the company. The most popular form is the rotational form, in which groups of employees work interchangeably remotely and in the office.

From the other perspective, the hybrid work can be applied to the group of employees that realize their duties in the best for them conditions, and it doesn’t matter if it is their private flat, or the office. It is worth to note that hybrid work is not possible for every organization and not in every branch of industry. IT is extremely difficult to imagine production staff working remotely. The remote type of work is dedicated to the office workers, call center agents, computer graphic designers, architects, and other specialist that work independently.

Benefits of hybrid work

Hybrid work is particularly beneficial for parents that need to stay at home with their sick children. The most obvious advantage of the hybrid work is the flexibility and possibility to make decisions and the fact that this solution gives the employee the feeling of freedom and allows him to keep the right type of life-work balance.

Among the tangible, for the organization, benefits of remote work there is a huge cost saving, especially on rents and exploitation of office spaces. While for the employees it is the time and money saving because they don’t have to spend as much on commuting to work.

Not without significance is the fact that this model of work extends the possibilities of recruitment to a large degree, because this model attracts the employees from different locations.

bests practices for hybrid work

Challenges of new working style

One of the biggest challenges related to the organization of remote work withing the framework of hybrid model is provision of tools that enable realization of tasks remotely and support the employees need in this area.

It is a big logistic and technological challenge. Stationary work requires redefining of the work spaces, where the new functions have to be assigned, while remote work requires securing of procedures and tools for safety of work.

Surely, management of the team is one of the most challenging tasks because some of the employees work partially at home and partially in the office. This work mode requires changes in perceptions of work, as well as more comprehensive building of relationships in the team. The ability to motivate and the ability to keep continuing involvement of employees is the key to success of every manager.

The next important aspect is visual communication. In order to keep the effectiveness of online meetings it is advisable to shorten the conferences and events, as well as it is suggested to preselect the participants. Some encourage the managers to have their cameras switched on to see the involvement of participants.

Hybrid work model – tips

It is worth to remember that hybrid work cannot be seen as an obstacle or inconvenience. To realize this type of work properly one must learn about several great practices. So what are the best practices for hybrid work model? Let’s find out.

  • Several communicative channels that enable communication of employees. Organize virtual meetings, use instant messaging, lead presentations online.
  • Integration influences positively the organizational culture of the company and strengthens the interpersonal bonds. In order to improve the integration organize informal meetings in real life.
  • Flexible approach and openness are crucial. Show flexible and open attitude. The decision related to the form of employment and the way of work realization should be made collectively by the employer and the employee.
  • Joint activities to bring people together. The company should organize shared activities, competitions, workshops and other.
  • Rules and procedures related to the realization of work have to be established. It should by set how the time of work is measured and how the overtime is settled.
  • Equal treatment of employees that work stationary and remote. It is important aspect connected to the employees’ sense of security.
  • Data protection and privacy. Provision of security of business information and private data has to be enabled. Security and encrypting systems have to be used.


Hybrid work has become a domineering form of work used by the organizations all over the world. This model of work is the response for the needs of employees that wish to reconcile their private life with requirements of work. The studies have shown that this type of work does not influence negatively the effectiveness and satisfaction of employees. Best practices for hybrid work model implemented in your company should provide you with all necessary solutions and enable you organization to benefit from the change.

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