Global leadership trends are the most important piece of knowledge that every good leader has to know. Leadership is a broad category mainly because it is connected to many work processes in the organization. For this reason, it is difficult to present all of the trends that have any significance shortly, but still, some of them can be highlighted.

Global leadership trends in business for 2022/2023 – table of contents:

  1. Global leadership trends
  2. Flattening of the organizational structures
  3. Hybrid or remote teams
  4. Diversity in the workplace
  5. The role of technology
  6. The increasing importance of soft skills
  7. Global leadership trends – summary

Global leadership trends

Global leadership trends are frequently evaluated by leaders and experts from all over the globe. There is an opportunity for all companies to join the global market in a difficult time of changes and disruption. There are risks involved, but understanding the future, the real concern and attention should provide every leader with the necessary mental structures that will help to deal with uncertainty. The actions and decisions have to take into account geopolitics, health and social justice, and the development of technology.

Flattening of the organizational structures

Complex organizational structures, developed horizontally and vertically are characteristic of international corporations. Employees more and more often expect that such organizational methods will be abandoned and exchanged into more cooperative models. The organization aim to flatten its structures to cut all possible cost – there are no middle management salaries to pay and all operational expenditures are lower. Contemporary leaders have to learn new ways of functioning that are based on partnership, which requires listening to the team members, allowing employees to take greater responsibility, and giving broader space for initiative and opinion. Flattening of the structure is usually appreciated by younger employees that enter the labor market.

Hybrid or remote teams

There is a necessity to build teams that can work remotely or in a hybrid work model. The times, when administrative work was performed in the office are officially gone, the model that requires you to work from 9 till 5 is no longer trendy. Currently, some of the employees expect that the regulations of time and place of work will be more flexible and will provide them with a greater life-work balance. This trend will shape the workplace in the years to come.

The leaders will have to deal with new challenges and will have to learn the new leadership role – they will have to adjust themselves to the employees working at different locations and various hours. Team management in such conditions is not easy, but it will show, which leaders have the highest capacity to adapt to the changing circumstances of the market.

Diversity in the workplace

Globalization is one of the most important processes of the XXI century that shapes our reality and global leadership trends. The ability to develop the company not limited by the borders of one country means that leaders have to be ready to deal with a diversity of values, attitudes, and approaches in the workplace. International teams, differences in cultures, implementation of new forms of communication, and cooperation are just the elements that pose a challenge for leaders.

The experience of working with people that are coming from many cultures, an attitude of openness should help them to deal with all arising problems. Remembering global leadership trends, good leaders have to show that diversity is an element they acknowledge, appreciate, and value, not condemn or oppose.

The role of technology

Younger generations on the job market (for example Z generation or post-millennials generations – the people that were growing up in the digital environment) appreciate the presence of technological novelties. Different solutions and systems that facilitate and speed up the performance of specific tasks, especially based on technology, will be applauded by the youngest employees. Such conduct is an answer to the growing need for the development of adaptability and learning culture that is necessary in dynamically changing times – the key issue for each leader, that wishes to grow his team. Technological advancement is the way to build the competitiveness of the company and increase the innovativeness of everyday activities.

Global leadership trends

The increasing importance of soft skills

Today, with the increasing number of branches and positions, soft skills become more and more important – the skills that are the natural abilities and personal features of the person. The value of hard skills diminishes – the knowledge the experience are important, but their recognition is not the only factor in the job market present-day. The ability to assess both characteristics of the employee is required from a new type of leader.

Both features play a role when the pay rise or promotion is being discussed. It is essential to develop a strategy of support for all employees to help them develop their soft skills, which is usually more difficult than providing them with the knowledge or developing hard skills. Well-developed soft skills of the employee have an impact on performance, satisfaction, and communication within the teams.

Global leadership trends – summary

One of the steps to becoming a better team leader is the analysis of global leadership trends. It can be done in many ways: by the very own observations, direct, close following of the novelties in the industry, listening to experts or reading about new publications. Such activity allows moving business leadership to a higher level providing at the same time better functioning of team members in the workplace.

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