Personnel development includes all the activities undertaken in the organization, which are designed to improve employees’ skills and motivation. The process is aimed at maximizing the employee potential and, as a result, achieving corporate goals. Recently, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the nature of work has shifted dramatically since several companies switched to remote work permanently. Hence, there have been some major changes in how companies train their employees. What are the benefits of online training for employees? What are the types of employee online training? We’re responding to these questions in today’s article.

Employee online training – table of contents:

  1. The essence of employee online training
  2. Types of online employee training
  3. 10 benefits of online training for employees
  4. Summary

The essence of employee online training

Professional development means shaping human capital so that it becomes richer, more mature, and more productive. HR specialists believe that the appropriate composition of activities such as training, educating, coaching, or learning leads to the effective employee development.

According to Donald Super, an American psychologist, professional development is a process of growing and learning subject to all signs of professional behavior. It includes all developmental aspects that can be related to work. An essential component of professional development is training.

Employee training leads to an increase in their skills, and thus ensures that the level of work performed is maintained or improved. The first step in organizing online training for employees is to precisely define its aims. The objectives should be formulated in terms of behaviors, activities, or operations that an employee must perform during the course of work.

The content of the training development program cannot be determined until the company answers the question: What knowledge, skills, and abilities are necessary to do the job well? Its objectives should be closely related to the needs of the organization and the employees.

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Types of online employee training

Employees can improve their skills and competencies through a variety of training methods and techniques. In the era of dynamic expansion of new technologies, it is worth taking advantage of modern tools such as:

  • Webinars. These are real-time online training meetings based on audio and video presentations, dedicated to a large number of participants. Participants and presenters communicate with each other via chat. In the case of a large number of people participating in the training, maintaining contact with them may be difficult.

  • Online workshops. They have a similar formula to webinars, but the number of participants is usually smaller, which enables personalization of the message and more active participation.
  • E-learning courses. They do not require the participation of trainers and trainees. They are usually available on an e-learning platform that students can use at a convenient time and place. E-learning courses can take the form of multiple choice tests, quizzes, simulations and interactive games.
  • Podcasts. They are broadcasts available via the Internet. Employees who go on business trips use them very often. While driving a car or traveling by bus, they can creatively spend time listening to informative lectures. It is a great way to acquire knowledge quickly.
  • Ebooks. Digital books work well in all industries. Unlike traditional books, they are widely accessible and do not have to be carried in a bag.
  • Blended learning. It is an educational approach that combines on-site teaching with remote computer-based activities. Communication plays the key role here as it has an influence on the effectiveness and involvement of participants.
  • Educational apps. Using a smartphone, employees can quickly and easily solve educational quizzes and crosswords.
  • Online conferences and workshops. Employees can participate in them without leaving their homes. They facilitate building business relationships.
  • Postgraduate online learning. They offer the opportunity to earn a degree and gain new knowledge.
  • Business portals. They provide up-to-date information on current market trends and changes.

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10 benefits of employee online training

A good employee development plan that is aligned with the company’s strategy and goals can be the driving force behind an organization, bringing it tangible benefits. Training and professional development enables greater flexibility in human resource management, promotes faster adaptation of new techniques and technologies, contributes to better employee motivation and engagement, and improves managerial skills.

Other positive aspects are as follows:

  • attracting talents and retaining key employees,
  • enhancing staff competences and quality of performed work,
  • increasing staff engagement and identification with the company,
  • getting a competitive advantage in the market.

When it comes to online educational methods and techniques, their competitive advantage over classroom training is primarily due to the following benefits:

  • Online courses are widely available and easy to use, and do not require advanced technology. They are dedicated to various market segments.
  • These courses allow employees to complete work at convenient times and adapt the pace of learning to their individual needs. They can be repeated to reinforce knowledge.
  • They provide broad access to study materials and other forms of assistance.
  • They are ideal for shy people due to the lack of personal contact with other attendees.
  • Online employee training involves lower costs than onsite training as it does not require traveling to the training site and accommodation.
  • Online seminars and workshops, just like regular ones, end with a certificate confirming the acquisition of new skills and knowledge.

Employee online training – summary

Modern organizations have struggled for years to attract and retain valuable employees. One of the tools to keep them are professional development programs. In recent years, digital learning has emerged as a necessary resource for employees all over the world. However, the culture of acquiring new skills using modern technologies and the Internet is not yet adopted in all organizations.

Due to several benefits of online employee training, it is worth taking it into consideration. Implementing modern development tools sets new standards and contributes substantially to the acquisition of professional competencies and qualifications by staff.

You’ve just read about 10 benefits of employee online training. Read also: 6 strategies to promote inclusion in the workplace.

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