What do you need to successfully manage a specific project? Undoubtedly, a calendar in which you can place all the necessary tasks to be completed, along with deadlines. However, don’t do it on paper. This solution definitely doesn’t work anymore. So direct your attention to the best calendars you can find on the Internet. We recommend Firmee, our project management software which is also equipped with a calendar – so you can have everything in one place. Check out what features of our solution will make managing your projects easier!

Best online calendar for project management – table of contents:

  1. Online calendar
  2. What functions should an online calendar have?
  3. Firmbee’s calendar – features for your needs
  4. More control over achieving company goals?
  5. Best online calendar – already know what to choose?
  6. Check out our all-in-one project management system

Online calendar

Project management involves many challenges, especially related to the number of tasks carried out by various team members. Putting all the relevant issues in a single tool (along with indicating the objectives, priorities, responsible people or deadlines) allows you to control the course of any process. Firmbee provides access to all the information in one place which streamlines the execution of tasks and works well not only for managers, but also for other team members.

online calendar

What functions should an online calendar have?

Among the basic functions of the online calendar, we will, of course, mention the ability to add relevant events, meetings and tasks (with descriptions) by day and time, and display them within a daily, weekly or monthly grid – depending on your needs.

It is also important to specify whether the matter entered into the calendar is a one-time event or should be recurring within a specific cycle, and (if necessary) to indicate start and end dates. It is also important to be able to create several calendars belonging to one person and share selected ones with colleagues.

However, the described functions are insufficient to allow efficient project management. In this regard, with help comes the solution we have designed, which has been fully tailored to the needs of those managing and implementing a specific project.

Firmbee’s calendar – features for your needs

What makes Firmbee’s calendar (Agenda) different from other tools? It comes with all the features outlined above, as well as the possibility to:

  • determine the status of tasks (new, in progress, completed – according to the methodology of Kanban boards),
  • filter issues by status, which provides full control over the workflow,
  • add files to bookmarks,
  • comment issues in the calendar,
  • attach colleagues to specific issues (as part of the selection of people who should be granted access),
  • log time to control the time spent on each task – such a feature allows you to check the use of resources and provides material that can be analyzed at a later time to study (and possibly improve) the performance of your employees.

There is no doubt that the above functionalities support the process of effective project management, right?

More control over achieving company goals?

It’s also important to note that using Firmbee you can create separate calendars for each of the projects you manage, allowing you to keep your daily work in order and have more control over the processes taking place. What’s more, you can check each calendar both from the dashboard and by clicking on a specific project. In this way, it will be easier for you to check what stage each of your assigned duties is at and whether the ongoing activities will allow you to achieve your goals.

Best online calendar – already know what to choose?

Meetings, events, tasks to-do – things related to project management are unlimited and it is very easy to forget about an important task if you use many tools at once. However, as you can see, when you decide to use Firmbee, you get everything you need in one place – you don’t need to use additional solutions. This is what makes Firmbee a winner among other tools you can use to effectively manage your projects. The availability of all necessary functions within a single solution facilitates the organization of your daily work.

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Check out our all-in-one project management system:

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Author: Caroline Becker

As a Project Manager, Caroline is an expert in finding new methods to design the best workflows and optimize processes. Her organizational skills and ability to work under time pressure make her the best person to turn complicated projects into reality.