Affiliate marketing programs are an essential tool for each marketing specialist. Many internet users want to earn their money without leaving their houses. They need to use affiliate marketing programs because freelance work without marketing experience can be difficult, especially at the beginning. What are the best solutions available in the affiliate marketing software market? Read the article to find out more.

Affiliate marketing programs – table of contents:

  1. Affiliate marketing programs
  2. Selection criteria
  3. Recommendations in your field
  4. World rankings
  5. Summary

Affiliate marketing programs

What are affiliate marketing programs? These types of programs are the systems that allow for the establishment of cooperation between the publisher and the advertiser. Those tools verify both sides of the cooperation and help to comply with the formalities and generate original affiliate links. The market offers an entire cross-section of different types of affiliate networks. Which of them is best for your business?

Selection criteria

Before joining any specific affiliate program we suggest to make research and checking the four most important factors. What is most important here, at what you need to pay attention to. The key factors are as follows:

The amount of the commission rate. A smaller commission rate is best for the promotion of very expensive products. Becoming a new publisher does not mean high earnings, but do not work without payment.

Check what is the threshold of withdrawal from the program – the lower, the better.

Choose a program with clear, transparent, and understandable rules and regulations. Avoid understatements and tricky wording. Inquire if in doubt.

Check, how the program works and looks technically. Is the publisher’s panel clean and tidy? Can you expect any technical help in case of problems? When joining the network you can expect regular and professional support.

Recommendations in your field

Not every program is for everybody. Not all agreements are for all. If you are known for running a great culinary blog about healthy meals, you cannot become a financial specialist. Think twice, before you introduce a new field to your social media.

Some partnership programs are more universal and versatile – others however are better for strictly specified industries. Choose the tool that is consistent with the product you are advertising every day. The program should match your profile and should meet the expectations of your audience.

World rankings

Some of the affiliate programs operate internationally – they associate with publishers and advertisers all over the world. However, there are affiliate marketing networks that are accessible in the area of a certain country. Local rankings are different in different localizations. What about universal, globally known programs? Who leads the way in the world’s rankings of affiliate programs? Check the 7 most popular tools.

  • MyLead is at the forefront of all types of rankings. E-commerce, finance, education, and e-books are part of the offer. Each of the users gets access to free training in the field of affiliate marketing, as well as free individual support.
  • XMGroup appears on many lists and rankings. The program is focused on financial issues. Among the main advantages of this program are great support and high fees.
  • Cash in pills is a program created for all enthusiasts of the fitness, health, and beauty industry. The main products that are related to this program are all types of supplements. Publishers like Cash in pill for the attractive fees and timely payments.
  • BitBay is a very well-known and liked platform connected to the world of cryptocurrencies. The high credibility of the program, transparent rules of cooperation, and high quality of service results in good opinions among the audience.
  • Amazon has its affiliate program as well. It is designed for beginning publishers from a variety of industries. The amount of products that await recommendation, as well as favorable conditions for the beginning partners is the most attractive characteristic of Amazon.
  • eBay Partner Network is another well-known and much-liked tool. The promotion of selected products was never as easy as it is now. With the program, you can promote your products on social media, blogs, and internet websites.
  • Algo Affiliates is the next, equally great, affiliate marketing platform. The network provides more than 1500 multilingual offers in luxurious industries such as real estate, insurance, travel, CBD, and many more.

Many internet users dream about becoming a publisher and earning on the net. For some, the idea of becoming a freelancer is not compatible with the necessity of joining the affiliate marketing network. Why is it worth becoming a freelancer and using affiliate programs? First and foremost marketing programs offer regular updates, they help you to find all interesting deals from advertisers. Secondly, some of the affiliate marketing platforms provide training for new partners.

affiliate marketing programs


Affiliate marketing programs that offer well-developed support can provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge so much needed at the beginning of your marketing journey. Those programs are an essential tool for marketing specialists so don’t hesitate to use them. They usually have affiliate forums that can help you to share your experiences with other publishers. Find the best type of program for your industry and earn money from home!

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