Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in our present world. It can help in promoting your business and your brand. But the major way to establish and promote yourself on Instagram is to post captivating Instagram content posts. Appropriate Instagram post ideas can promote your brand and at the same time help you engage with followers.

Generally, Instagram is a social media platform full of pictures and videos with milliards of daily uploads. Instagram’s users are known for posting pictures and videos, but for you to maximize the effect, you should separate yourself from others and try to stand out. And this is why you need good Instagram post ideas. This could be a bit tricky due to the large volume of videos and pictures uploaded daily. It is estimated that over 90 million pictures are being uploaded per day on Instagram. This is huge and could cause a lot of distraction for people.

Instagram post ideas

1. Instagram giveaways and contests

This is one of the easy Instagram content posts for your account. You could easily increase your followers and brand on Instagram through this idea. This is based on the psychology of human relationships – people are always out for what they can get. Organizing giveaways and contests is an effective way to get their attention. One Popular app you could use to manage your contest is Wishpond.

2. Showcase your skills

This is more beneficial to people with visual skills, especially graphic designers and photographers. This is because Instagram is a platform known for video and picture upload. People tend to use Instagram to develop their skills. For example, if I am into graphic design, I would check out Instagram to see updates relating to graphic design, and with this, you get more followers from this idea.

3. Ask probing questions

Another Instagram content idea for your account is asking probing questions. Posting questions can allow your followers to share their thoughts on a particular topic. And with this, you can increase engagement in the future because you can learn from their responses. If you are into product marketing, asking questions could help you come up with something more interactive so that you could get more sales.

You should create opportunities to get your followers to share their thoughts and ideas on practically any topic. These user insights can help you come up with even better content in the future.

4. Work on tutorials

Another interesting Instagram content post idea that you could work on is posting tutorial videos or skits. But of course, you should have a skill you want to share with others. Tutorial videos are educative and interactive when properly done. Because people would be forced to like, share, and comment on the post provided it is properly done and educative as a result of added value. This is one of those things Instagram users look forward to.

5. Organize a live chat on Instagram with a key industry figure

This is another great Instagram content idea that could help you grow your account. Organizing a kind of live chat or interview with a key industry figure can help get you more interactive followers. This is because the interview would help serve as a source of inspiration to people in that niche and participants or followers would look up to you as one of the influential people in that industry because you hosted a key figure.

6. Tell about your failures in the past

This is another Instagram content idea that would be very helpful for your account, particularly if it is relatable and probably related to an industry you have been established in. For example, lets say I have been established in the tech industry. I would focus ok sharing some of the regrettable mistakes I made. Instagram users would see your account as an account that could help generate Knowledge.

7. Share the impact your product has on other peoples lives

Another Instagram post idea is simply to post how effective your brand and products have been in people’s lives, this is very important especially as a business owner.

8. Post pictures of your employees at work

Yes, this is another cool Instagram post idea. Pictures of employees at work, especially doing creative stuff, is always a good idea.

Now that you’ve gathered inspiration for Instagram post ideas, read about how to run a business account on this platform and increase your popularity!

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Author: Laura Green

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