First impressions are made only once. In virtual reality, we observe a similar trend, the modern Internet user does not have time to thoroughly read the posts provided – it is even said that the content just skimmed. So how to use the space offered for an Instagram bio to attract the attention of the audience? We recommend you take a while to look into this issue – after all, the bio serves as a business card that fulfills several basic functions.

How to write an Instagram bio for your business?

First things first – check how to actually run a company’s Instagram profile.

Instagram bio – everything you need to know

What is an Instagram bio? Short for biographic note, it is a concise form of introduction and description (of a company or person building their brand) that contains max. 150 characters. The relatively small volume is due to purely practical reasons – users are more likely to read a shorter post than a long, uniform block of text.

If this still sounds puzzling to you and you’re wondering where the bio is on Instagram – to put it most figuratively – it’s the description you see under your account name.

Below you can see Instagram’s bio:

Bringing you closer to the people and things you love. For up-to-date COVID-19 information visit:

instagram example screenshot

Check out a handful of best practices to implement when setting up your account. If your business is already active on Instagram, nothing lost – lets’ get to work!

A company account on Instagram – why should you have one?

Build a relationship with your clients

At this point, it’s worth disenchanting the notion that an account on IG works well for fashion bloggers and the beauty industry. Among the millions of users on Instagram are also… your (potential) customers. So why not create a relationship with them on a platform they enjoy using? Almost every industry will find a place for itself there.

Humanize your brand

A company account on IG is the perfect space to share current events in the life of the company that don’t fit on profiles in other media.

Showing the human element and emotions tightens the relationship between your brand and your audience. If you’re wondering how to run your company’s Instagram – start with a thoughtful addition to your bio.

business bio on instagram infographic

Properly tailor your communication

Defining the persona, i.e., the potential observer of your account is crucial and should be the starting point for further work. If you are targeting young mothers, for example, then your bio should have a different design than if you are a construction company. Make yourself known with an ultra-short presentation! Make it easy for potential customers to decipher your specialty and get in touch.

Accurately defining your prospect’s profile (age, location, marital and material status, education, key needs) will allow you to tailor not only the content on your bio, but also the entire communication on your company’s Instagram.

If you operate only locally, specify your area of operation – enter your city or province in the bio.

Show off to the world and add a link in your bio

Naming your account with a website address is prohibited by Instagram’s terms of service, but you can easily highlight your website address by including a link. If you’re wondering how to add a link in your bio on IG – nothing easier. Go to your profile, click ‘edit profile’ and then in the ‘website’ field, enter the appropriate address.

It is also recommended to use a link shortening tool, e.g.,, which will generate a short link. Such a friendly link in the bio is not only an asset for the readability of the description, but also saves valuable space, which can be used to add a CTA (call to action), i.e., a slogan referring to some desired activity, e.g., click, see, check.

Enrich your Instagram bio with a company graphic element

Pictograms and icons are graphic elements that catch the user’s eye. It is therefore a good idea to enrich the text description with a distinctive element that will naturally draw the viewer’s attention. It can be an icon reflecting an industry or an emotion.

A good practice is to place an emoticon or special sign next to the CTA slogan, which will ultimately increase its visibility.

Reinforcing a persuasive message is extremely important if your goal is to redirect the user to take some action.

Leverage the potential of completing your company’s Instagram bio

By implementing the above tips, you will be able to achieve (at a minimum) one of your goals when running an account on Instagram. It means treating your followers as potential (or current) leads in order to increase sales or to strengthen the bond between your brand and your audience.

It doesn’t matter if you represent the B2B or B2C segment – ultimately, people buy from people, so it’s worth making it easier for them to connect with you by clearly presenting your bio.

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